Shadow New Years Giveaway -- Closed

Welcome to The Shadow New Years giveaway! Why a New Years giveaway? Why not?

The Rules (PLEASE read carefully):

1) You must be a BLF member, registered on or before December 25, 2012, from any country.
2) You must confirm in this thread that you have a pulse.
3) Giveaway will abruptly end without warning sometime in the first few days of 2013.
4) See rules 1 thru 3.

The Prize or Prizes:

It may be one light, it may be more. It or they may go to one BLF member or more. But the prize or prizes will be at least as good as the lights from my past giveaways. You will not be disappointed (if you win lol). Do you feel “in the dark” about these giveaways and The Shadow’s identity? That’s the way it will always be and that’s the way The Shadow likes it!

I do have pulse, just checked! :slight_smile:
thanks mysterious shadow, I hope this will be first giveaway ever in which I’ll win something (or just have fun as always :slight_smile: )

Pulse weak but verified!!! Thanks!

Please count me in!!

I have a pulse and would like to win!

Still ticking…

I’m alive and looking for a nice giveaway prize!

Count me in!

Yeay :slight_smile:

I already had roundabout 22 Million pulses and hope to have at least same amount until stoping to pulse.
Right now … yepp

Mo :beer:

Count me in.

With my high blood pressure, I have one hell of a pulse.

a bit of tachycardia, but a pulse, nonetheless

Happy new year, please count me in.

I have a pulse. It is here somewhere.

I have a pulse and I’d like to win!

I have a pulse, but it just shot through the roof when I heard about this giveaway. Thanks.

Happy New Year !
Please count me in.

I’m alive for the time bein’. That all may change if my wife intercepts my next light delivery tho’…

Pulse rate at the moment, about 90 bpm. count me in!

Yes,I have a pulse and I want in on the giveaway.Good to have you back Shadow and thanks for another awesome giveaway!