Shadow TC750X


looks like klarus xt20 clone

Looks good.

Bad saw it earlier 3 mintues on high only. :cry:

niiice, and it’s half price of klarus xt20 :smiley: , and I personally like the 3 minute step down to 50 % …

As long as they are going to just rip off other lights, let’s see a Shadow TN31 clone….

It’s as nasty as the original I’d say.

I don’t think, that Shadow will produces much clones. Most of their flashlights have an own design (which is great and the built quality is great, too).

That i really want. The Crelant 7G5 ver II is really “redundant”.

Well, I just hope the TN31 is where they get their next inspiration :wink:

Amen brotha, that is one big ugly stick

If ugly is bad i don’t want to be pretty.

This one’s on my list!!

That’s really not a pleasant looking light, if it works well then fine, but its not going to win any awards for being pretty.

these lights always remind me of wall-e

It appeals to me, but it would appeal to me een more with wider reflectors.

Ilike different designs and especially shapes of flashlights… and this one is surely different :slight_smile:

Still out of my desirable price though, and I think that on dinodirect you could have get the original, with some coupons, for not much higher price.

I would like to have this 1 :slight_smile:
not a single video on youtube about this fl :~

Working on it!

Post a link when your done, thanks :slight_smile:
Any progress on that video jet???

I don’t even have it in hand yet. I’m getting samples of all the Shadows, TC350,500, 750, GF1, JM07, BL1 and the new ones SL3 and JM26 :bigsmile: . Should have them in hand soon

The one I want the most is the TC350 SL3 and JM26. They’re all nice lights though

I just watched TC350, this moment :- )
They are all nice but I would love to try just 3 models TC750X (Double XM-L U2) over all, BL-21 (bike light), and JM07 :wink:
P.S. do you have pictures for those two new models, can’t find them on Intl-Outdoor???