shake on your light?

Wondering if any lights have the ability to turn on without a switch or twist, such as my wife’s cell phone can. Two chop motions and the light turns on, two more and it turns off.

Are there any flashlights that have this motion activation as a feature? I hear lots of people complain they can’t find e-switch location on the side of a light, others that don’t like twisting. I am sure folks will think of reasons to not like this approach as well.

Shaking a light ? What if is a head light ...? , is gone make you dizzy , so why you'll need a light for ?

I was joking .., but I couldn't help myself to imagine the scenario.... What if you'll use a wave head light (as Boruit or Olight Wave ) as a normal torch , moving your hand in front of it ? Wouldn't be much easier ?

I was just saying...

This would require an accelerometer. The use of an accelerometer is used in flashlights and is also discussed here: Sticking an accelerometer on a driver?
Interesting read. Biggest challenge is for the software to see the difference between an input signal (someone wants the light to turn on), and noise (the light is in a bag and is being shaken). But I haven’t read about a light that switches on and off by shaking it.

i think nitecore got some light with accelerometer sensor that the mode of the flashlight depend on the angle

Fenix had one that had a UI that required shaking but it was short lived.

Yes, that was a good read, looks like it has not matured yet.