Shame on DinoDirect [was: "Ummm.... Anybody recognize this beamshot?"]

Hi everyone,

I don't want to make any accusations yet, but anybody recognize this beamshot at DinoDirect? I'm almost sure that I've seen it somewhere here on BLF... without the DinoDirect watermark.

At least those beamshots are real. EDIT: But from wrong light :D

Like in this one too, some of product pics and beamshots are taken from

That shot was on BLF for sure. I remember the forked stick and the description of the fence way in the back. Can’t remember the light or user though.

So through this new business partnership we're now all entitled to flashlights at cost? :D

hmmm... I'm gonna say it's the Uniquefire S10 on 14500 posted by brted ;)

I've even seen photos (flashlights, beamshots) from BLF on Ebay.

Thommy's x9 photos were on some European website, a actual shop. The were mingled with other ones from other websites.

Wow. Yeah, they were using my S10 beamshot and I didn't care because at least it was a real beamshot for that light. But they aren't doing themselves any favors by saying that's a beamshot of a XM-L T6 light.

Shame on Dino for applying random pictures and saying they are beamshots of that light.

Unless Dino has been doing beamshots in my backyard . . .

What a filthy company. Their [AVOID] rating will be maintained for a long time in the future, no amount of promotional deals and sales reps here on BLF can undo their dishonesty.

This is where I remember seeing the beamshot:

If they use your beamshot I think you should ask for free schtuff :d

Looks like they were using a beamshot of the 504B with XR-E R2. But the light they have the picture attached to is a 504B with a XM-L T6.

You remember wrong :D

Beamshot is from UniqueFire S10.

Ah well, same backyard. get discounts beside DD,and simultaneously discontented that they have stolen beamshot))

Whatever torch they use your pic for they need to at least give you that torch free of charge. Of course the one thing they REALLY need to do is ask your permission before using your pics. Does this place never learn??

They claim their reviews are legit then say they get them from somewhere else. Then they say even though they are from somewhere else they are still for the correct light even though most of them are obviously for a different light and sometimes the reviews are 3 yrs old for a light that didn't even exist a year ago. Even most of (if not all) the beam shots they use are obviously not from the light they are selling.

I've taken advantage of 3 of their group buys here but would NEVER buy something off of their website directly. Group buys to change their rep do nothing since they are specific special deals handled directly by a specific rep. Nothing in common with a regular "off the street" sale from their website. Until they clean up their act I will never recommend them to anyone.

Hei, it's Brted fence! So it's famous now!

Zulus, we take the best we can from a seller that make 1 good thing and 3 mistake...

it has already been shown here that many people could care less about their dishonesty. They are only interested in a great deal. Some have even asked for others to give Summer a break as he works very hard to get us deals ":o)

Not sure I understand your comment. By the way, WHEN is the next DD Group Buy?


Two separate issues. I'm happy with the discounts, not happy with the fraudulent reviews and pictures. Doesn't seem strange to me.

Why continue to support dishonesty? Where does it end? There are still plenty of companies willing to conduct business ethically and that's where my money will go. I don't like the notion of companies trending towards dishonest, deceitful business practice and having that being accepted as the norm.

What a bunch of scumbags I will never buy from DD again F**k them!