Shape like a corn, very special

Some interesting new flashlights found today:

I had to laugh when I read this in the descriptions: Shape like a corn, very special: XM-L corn light

And this one: A longer corn

I kinda like them.

The “corn” grip reminds me of an Energizer Tactical 2aa light I saw at target the other day for $19.99. Apparently (the light at target) is the same energizer light that sells online for $48 (amazon) to $79 (Sears) Rated at a whopping 95Lm.

Sweet light! I’m amaized. Why did I never ear about this before? You can at least harvest the parts if it is no good. Shucks!

Corn on the cob! :bigsmile:

Looks like the Solarforce Gladiator:

sweet corn
Just make sure you don’t put it on a shelf next to a Lumintop Worm.

Too funny :smiley:

I’m curious that both are listed as 2×18650 but the longer one is 5 inches longer, I wonder what all that extra empty tube is for? Nearly enough room for 2 more batteries.

The longer one is a little over 13” long and weighs a little over a pound (without batteries!) Maybe its suppose to be a weapon, like a mini billy club, I notice the battery tubes on these appear to be very thick.

Here’s the link again: Extra Long Corn Cob Light

Blind em’ before you Beat em’
Now bring on them corn beater stick jokes! :wink:

Looks like a Solarforce gladiator

I just saw this and the link from Chloe, and yes Gladiator clone indeed, Same length and thick tube, now I’m really curious I wonder if it takes the same type of drop-in. New Topic started

Groan… (but funny) :bigsmile: