ShiningBeam I-Mini [Value Edition]- My new EDC


I picked up a ShiningBeam I-mini Value Edition XP-G R5 flashlight a few weeks ago and have become very attached to it. I have lots of small lights that are smaller, thinner, lighter, brighter and more expensive but this one seems to be a cowbird chick pushing all the others out of their nest. There is just something reassuring about the size and weight when holding it. A feeling of solidity that doesn’t require pampering.
The beam is big and creamy, very attractive. ShiningBeam lists it’s output at 260 lumens on one CR123. 4.2v rechargeables are supported. Lately I have found that I really don’t need an EDC torch that can melt a hole in Supermans head. This output is perfect. It is not overly small so it is easy to hold on to without fumbling…and rock solid, built to withstand.
Press the tailswitch with the head tightened down and it will turn on where you last used it. Slightly twist the head and the light will start ramping(infinite) up and down until you find the level you want. Tighten the head to save. After you turn it off the memory will return you to that level when turned back on.
I like this light so much I contacted Bryan Chen at ShingBeam and asked if there were any plans for an XML I-Mini. He told me no because it would be too floody, but perhaps an XP-G gen2 may be forthcoming. Bryan said that the I-MIni and C-Mini are made by Olight.
A well built, dependable and affordable EDC ($25.75).
I highly recommend adding an I-Mini to your arsenal.

Nice light, and affordable. Question: when you twist the head, does the ramping happen automatically? Or does it ramp as you keep turning the head? While ramping, when going up and it reaches the high, does it start over at high or go back to low?

thanks much…

Brian/Bryan is Chinese too? The heads of the popular "US companies with China-made production lights" all are: 4Sevens (US), Zebralight (US), Shiningbeam (US), Eagletac (US). Doesnt come too surprising i guess.

Made by Olight?

Olight factory makes

Olight duh

ITP duh

Shiningbeam (now we know it for sure, thx!)

4sevens (David is head of Olight)

Some youtubers even believe that parts or designs of Eagletac lights come from Olight factory and i would agree with this assumption. And i dont mind.

Good nite.

You just twist the head a bit and leave it. It will start ramping by itself. It will start ramping from wherever it’s set . When it ramps all the way up to highest it will begin ramping back down to lowest and back up again until you tighten the head and lock it where you prefer. Mode memory will return it to where chose after turning the light off.

What is your opinion 2 months later ? Still satisfied?

Any news about te XPG Gen2 version ?

I still really like it as a no nonsense, sturdy little EDC. I still carry it almost every day as my going to work flashlight. A high end build with a budget price.

I haven’t seen any sign of an XP-G2 model yet, and I’m always checking. If one appears I will purchase it.

Nice, I just had a look to see if there is the same UI in any other cell form factor, cr123 is useless to me tbh. The I-mini seems to work the same and takes AA/14500 cells and comes in a nw option. Tempting, real tempting, but then I’d need 14500 cells…and I’m fine with an 18650 edc.

Nice quick review and real world user impressions though, thanks for taking the time. 8)

Thanks. I’ll keep an eye on this light. Regretfully ShiningBeams shipping fees to europe consuming the attractive price.

I have one of these with the extra 1AA and 2 AA bodies. I works with 1AA,2AA,Cr123,rCr1123 and 14500!!

I just put my I-Mini through the wash using “Tide ColdWater with Acti Lift” and it come out squeaky clean and working perfectly.
I told you this is one tough little flashlight.