ShiningBeam S-mini (Faulty)

I have a problem with my S-mini. It has developed an intermittent fault. I have tried to fault find and discovered it’s not the switch. The problem is a very sensitive connection fault inside the head, just holding the torch it will go on and off. Although I have had the torch for some time it has had very little use. (Total runtime about 5 hours.) What should I do to resolve the problem?

Cheers, Lewis.

Contact the dealer/manufacturer?

ShiningBeam S-mini

I contacted ShiningBeam and this is their response, but these things have not fixed the fault.

Hi Lewis,
Sorry to hear the problem. First of all, try to clean the threads and contact points.
Look at the pill (under the head), and see if it is loose. Try to use to a tweezers to tighten the pill.
Hope this solves your problem.

Best Regards,


Are you sure that the pill in the head is fully tightened?

You could unscrew the pill and see if any easily accessible connections have come loose, otherwise let Bryan know that it still hasn’t been fixed and ask him if it can be returned for repair. Alternatively you could get a UK member to have a look at it and fix it up for you.

Thanks for the responses. So nice of you to help.

I contacted Bryan again and this is his reply.

Hi Lewis,

I’m sorry, then I have no idea what causing the problem. Most likely the driver gone bad or a contact problem inside the head. If the pill is loose, you can try to take it out and see if any parts not correctly positioned.

All the best!


As you can tell from my post I know very little about the workings of these torches but I followed Bryan’s advice. The pill was tight so with a little difficulty I did manage to undo it and have a look inside, it all looks good and tight but when I reassembled it still had the same fault.

That’s unfortunate. Hopefully you can find someone in the UK who can take a look at it for you.

If the problem is in the pill, either a driver issue or a loose wire, it’s going to be hard to fix. The driver is glued to the pill, I think, and is difficult to remove intact. And replacement drivers are hard to find if that’s what needs to be replaced.

If you can’t repair it, you might be able to sell it as-is for parts. The S-mini host is unique, one of the lightest 18650 tail click lights made, and there might be interest among people who mod.

When I got the ShiningBeam S-mini I was really pleased with it. It’s small, plenty bright enough, nicely finished. And it can tail stand. This is the perfect torch for me. When it started to play-up I did think about buying a new one but don’t know if I should. In some ways this is the worst torch that I’ve owned. I paid $48.01 USD for 5 hours use. Although I see the price is now only $29.75. Should I just forget this one and get another?


hi lewis, if you’d like me to take a look at your s-mini id be happy to help for the cost of any necessary parts and the postage.

drop me a pm if your interested.

Awesome stuff there!