Shipping Delays

According to the Lightake website, "Due to inadequate supply of air cargo space, some air mail items may be subject to delays of three to four days until further notice."

Sounds like this is going to have an effect on all the HK dealers. I also suspect that for "days", one might have to read "weeks" though I hope not.

Hope you've done all your Christmas shopping you plan to do from HK!

The ONLY official delays from HKP affects only shippings to USA and Brazil.

Other countries not, but, wait some days and you will have another official note saying that the delays affects the WHOLE planet...

I have orders shipped on 18, 19 and 23 September and still not arrived. Perhaps in november


It's only been 2 days give them a chance

Upsss I wanted to say september. Corrected

The most annoying thing is that oders from suppliers to lets say DX seems to have heavier dalay too.

I think is not 3 to 4 DAYS of delay... more likely 3 to 4 WEEKS of delay

The HK Post tracking site is getting less informative - it now says for one item merely that it was posted on 14/10, not what they have done with it. According to DX the item was ordered on the 4th and posted on the 11th. Just short of two weeks in the HK Post Office is not impressive.

Lightake got an order from me for a MrLite on the 13th, it got shipped on the 18th, HK Post noticed it on the 19th which is unusually fast. Wonder how long it'll take them to ship it out.

I also have a couple of (untracked) orders from Manafont coming which were posted out on the 11th and 15th.

Wonder if my theory that the untracked stuff gets out faster than the tracked stuff will be borne out?

In my case:

Tracked parcels arrive to my house in 4 to 7 natural days after leaving HK

Untracked parcels arrive to my house in 10 to 30 natural days from shipping date (varies very much)

In short: in my case tracked items are extremely fast. Untracked not

This is the official explanation of why the packages are still not arrived:

Good one :)

Today I received package from DX that was ordered 20.09. Three weeks at DX, one week at HK Post, one week in transit.

No no no........ I have an order SHIPPED not paid on 19 september and not arrived. Also 2 more with shippment date of 23 september and nothing..........

And very extrange. Other orders shipped after those order that not arrived, have arrived mostly all

This item was posted on the 13th Oct. It is already the 29th October in HK

"The item (RTxxxxxxxxxHK) will leave Hong Kong for its destination on 29-Oct-2010"

15-16 days in the HK Post Office. As it happens it is just 150 LR44 cells for work, pity it wasn't something more interesting.

Another (more interesting) tracked item was ordered from Lightake on the 13th, posted on the 18th, acknowledged by HK Post on the 19th still just says it was posted on 19th with no indication of when they will get around to doing anything about it.

"The item (RB000000000HK) was posted on 19-Oct-2010."

I also have three orders (untracked) from Manafont somewhere in the system, dispatched on 8th, 15th and 25th October. The one from the 8th ought to be near to me if my theory about tracking to the UK slowing things down is correct.

Ohh dont worry, it seems that you will receive that items in DECEMBER.

I have untracked orders with shippment date of 19 (1 order) and 23 SEPTEMBER (3 orders) and still dont arrive. And more more of October in same situation.

And a tracked order continues saying:

"The item (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) was posted on 23-Oct-2010 and is being processed for delivery to the addressee."

So the ones from SEPTEMBER hope they will arrive in NOVEMBER. The ones of OCTOBER probably in DECEMBER.

HOPE all my orders arrive in 2010, because in 2011 the customs in Spain will be harder to pass............. Hope not, but probably those orders will be my last orders from outside Europe in my life. Damn customs!

I thought we had the most miserable Customs - our free import limit is £18 - which includes the cost of postage (20.6 euros). Immediately after that there is a £8 or £13 clearance charge from the Post Office (£13 if it is what they call a parcel, £8 if it isn't). then there are import duties (usually pennies) then VAT gets charged on the whole lot. On my Varapower the charges, duty and VAT amounted to about 35% of the original cost.

That's about the same here. Only the rules, from which amount they charge tax are random. I allready got packages free of charges, that were about 40 $ and I already payed tax for one that was 19 $ only.

The customs duties are the same for ALL europe. I mean the 22 euro limit.

In Spain:

Product value + shipping < 22 euro = not have to pay anything

Product value + shipping > 22 euro and < 150 euro = have to pay IVA (spanish TAX)

Product value + shipping > 150 euro = have to pay IVA (spanish TAX) and "aranceles" (another spanish TAX)

The problem in my country is that in 2011 the postal service must be "privatizado" and a 3rd party company will get the customs and postal service and the customs will be almost impossible to pass without paying ANOTHER TAX called "servicio de gestion de aduanas" which cost another 17 euro independent of the product cost. Even a 1 dollar product will have to pay that 17 euro only due to the "customs management".

This sucks

Yes this sucks for you, but it opens some new opportunitys for people, interessed to do business with this new situation. Why not you? Open your own online store (kind of local DX). Buy your stuff on wholesale sites and make a nice profit, in selling the items to individual buyers just a bit cheaper, as they could import it by themself. I'm sure if it's not you, somebody else will do it.

Oooh. That's a problem.

So basically you would have to limit your purchases to less than about US$30, right? How much is the IVA percentage? (Wikipedia says 18% for Spain!!!!) Here where I live it's 12%. But at least I don't have to pay it on incoming packages. But aduanas is corrupt and inconsistent, and if they get ahold of your package, pues, "dale por perdido". The good thing about these little flashlight packages is that the value is legally below the price and weight limits of customs, and additionally it doesn't look expensive, so it usually just passes under the radar.

OK, in Spain, IVA=19%... and "aranceles" is up to 30% depending on which product you try to import. BUT, BUT the problem IS NOT that, the problem is that due to European law, in 2011 all national postal services of all european union countrys must be "privatizados" and a 3rd party company will steal us 17 euro for each product you try to import, no matter its cost.

Imagine you buy at DX the piggy flashlight keychain wich cost 0,78$, so when it arrives to Spain, you will not have to pay any TAX because it costs less than 22 euro, but that 3rd party company will try to steal you 17 euro only for the "gestion aduanera".....

there are ways to avoid this but it will be tricky.........

So I hope that all of my orders shipped on september will arrive on 2010, because if they arrive in 2011 probably I will loose them... because to pay 17 euro for a driver board of 2,5 euro...............

Good grief! That's mighty expensive. Sorry to hear that.