Shopping for a small and large thrower

I’m shopping for a small flashlight that I can wear on my belt and a larger flashlight. I will be using both to spot small objects for very short periods of time. So I want both to have a lot of throw and little flood.

I was thinking about the Convoy S21B and the Sofirn C8G. Are these good choices? I have the S2+ with Biscotti and love it. But I want something brighter.

Is the S21B better for my uses than the S21A? Should I choose the 6500K emitting color for the S21B for maximum throw? Is the Sofirn 21700 battery a good choice for both flashlights?

Thanks for any replies.

Small: LEP
Big: BLF GT70

I prefer compact throwers, and the one I like right now is the BLF-D80v2.

I think that would be a good choice for a small thrower.

I should have specified that I want both lights to be in the budget price range and larger light to be around the size of the C8G, Convoy C8, etc.

I have the C8G, and I quite like its UI and beam!

It also has a shortcut to moonlight mode when turning on with the tailswitch, which is something that most lights with forward-clicky switches tend to lack.
I don’t have any similarly-sized throwers to compare it to though, so I can’t comment on how it stacks up to other lights in its class.

Get yourself a Convoy C8 with the Osram W1 for max throw. Around $30 usd. As mentioned, Sofirn C8G is good also. For something bigger for $10 more, Astrolux FT03 sst40. A large thrower will be expensive-the Noctigon K1 with Osram W2 for around $100 US, or for a little more, the BLF GT (original) for around $200. You’ll need 8 button top 18650’s for it.