Short Circuited VTC5

I got 4*VTC5 cells yesterday and they all charged normally. I ran a couple and they got really hot. I removed them. I tried them today and they will not be recognized by any charger or light. Are these batteries gone for good?


This isn't Twitter, or a classified ad in the newspaper (do they still make those?) where they charge by the word. You can give actual details here and it won't cost you anything.

You 'ran a couple' means what? A couple = two? In what? Why did they get hot? What happened? All I can figure out is that something happened and now they don't work, and with no more than that it's kinda hard to diagnose.

Additionally, where did you get them from? I’ve been cautious where I buy Sony’s because there seem to be these “bomb versions” floating around.

We’d love to help, but need more details.

and what did you run them in?
for instance if you load them wrong in an srk or other paralell light you will short them.if so be happy they died quietly rather than getting pissed!