Short Review - Utorch UT01 - AA - 4 modes - side switch

utorch UT01 - AA - 4 modes - side switch

very small - mostly due to side switch (though the reflector could be shallower),
4 modes instead of 3,
light a nice neutral color, no color artifacts
no memory [starts on low]
3 blinky modes instead of one (not that i ever use them but still, not a useless feature )

frequently on sale for $10
beam is a good balance between hotspot and floody
tailstanding is easy
clip can reverse (body can also reverse) so you can find the side switch easily

switch is rubber, not metal,
longish press for off,
low is 3 lumens, not a moonlight (<1)

no memory (can;t decide if i like it or not, the astrolux lets you set memory on or off)

blinky modes (sometimes like them, sometimes do not - at least these are fairly easy to avoid)

anyway i really like a very small, multimode light

iā€™m going to try shifting away from my former EDC for a while (astrolux S1) - to see if small makes up for brightness and run time
it might!

i did not try

  • waterproofing, beam shots, drop tests, power measurements, run time, or lumens, or 14500 battery - just NiMH enerloop


It has memory. Long press from off returns to previously used mode just like Manker E11.

Also, settings can be adjusted to preference. See here:

yes, thanks, i discovered that later, or someone told me
even better!
great 1xAA light

[[actually long press from off returns to last mode - UNLESS last mode was ultra-low, then long press from off goes to low - which is actually what you want it to do, or at least i am happy with it]]