Shorten your 7135s for space-constrained mods!

If you want to buy original “raptor Claw”

Nanjing Micro One produces them

I got 1000 ordered on Aliexpress and it came as reel

found also this shop who sells them whith guranteed no fakes

they also produce known Lithium linear charger ships

The data sheet on that page speaks of MEL71XX, which suggests they make other values too besides the 350mA.
HEard similar rumours before, but never found anything.

Do you have a link or Aliexpress shop name, please ? TIA.

I got the 350mA “Raven’s claw” variety from FastTech over the summer. I have some 380mA versions from both FastTech and Mountain and both have the mark of the stupid sailboat.

all 380mA seem to be slow

The datasheet on that page explicitly states that there are 280, 300mA, 320mA and 350mA parts. Buying them is another matter, though honestly, I’m more interested in something more like 500mA chips.

i have 40 "raptor claw" and 15 of the 38C (380mA) version left in my drawer

ordered from fasttech a year or two ago

Ordered from fasttech twice, I received the failboat !
Won’t try the fasttech’s lottery again.

No. no, no!

“Raptor claw”. “Crappy sailboat”.

Brain fart on the raven claw. I’m not budging on the Stupid Sailboat, though. I like the alliteration, and the childishness of the insult.

That’s the spirit…

IIRC from past convos on BLF, the “Raptor Claw” was never on anything but 350mA version. So, you shouldn’t expect 380mA version to ever be “Raptor Claw”. Am I remembering wrongly?

I think that’s right. The 380mA don’t have any symbols, at least not the ones I’ve been using.

Neither 7135 package class is solution to the actual shortcomings of 7135 regulators:

  • Fixed driving current. Pulse width modulation required for lower modes, this is detrimental for regulation (in HKJ's review the 7135 based Qlite went out of regulation at 3.58V on high, but at 4V for the PWMed modes).
  • Albeit it keeps the tint more constant pulse width modulation is an obstruction for shooting videos (stripped image and other distortions), and some people is straight sensitive to it.

Linear drivers can be built using MOSFETs and carefully tuning their VGS value for each desired driving current. Heat is an easily fixable problem via usage of bigger MOSFETs or multiple smaller packaged units in parallel (increases surface to volume ratio), if this is a problem to start with of course. The LD-25 new version works quite well in my experience, just make sure the heath path is unobstructed. Take also a look at led4power's offerings

Cheers ^:)

Fri, 11/23/2018 - 02:47

With all your posts on this one subject Barkuti I’d say you were on a crusade to abolish all 7135 based drivers. :wink:

7135 = 666 in base 13.2.


I’d say that some things are just better than the others…

I think Barkuti has a script running that automatically sends alert on any posting with 7135 :slight_smile:

Personally I’ve left these behind and switched over to other regulators. I have a bunch of these raptor claws left that I could sell but I’m guessing postage costs from Sweden will make them less desirable.

Bought here , came as pictured, Raptor Claw. Didn’t check yet, no spare time (