Shortie R5 16340 or AA/14500 convertible.

These two look very interesting, black or silver.

It doesn't say so in the text but the pictures prove that these can be used in AA/14500 configuration or shortened by removing a section to use a 16340.

There aren't many budget sortie R5's about so these fill a gap. And the pill looks perfect for modding to an XM-L too if desired.

The pictures also reveal there are two holes for a lanyard (although only one is used in the picture) so they will tailstand too. Indeed looking at the pictures of the silver one, the holes are so wide that a small split ring may span them.

So you are assuming that because of the 2-piece body? How do you know that the body is wide enough inside for a R123?

the previous models, mcu-c7 and mcu-c8 both were wide enough. i am sure this is also.

Good question, fishmaniac. Why am I so sure? Let me explain.

A 16340 is fatter than an AA/14500. So the way that manufacturers work around this with the converting lights is that the bore of the primary section is made larger to accommodate the 16340. However, if the extension tube was to be bored as big then an AA/14500 would rattle like crazy. Therefore they make the extension piece, for use with AA/14500's, in a narrower bore so it holds the AA/14500 cell tight and it doesn't rattle. The visible sign of this approach is that if you look at the end of the extension tube it will appear to have very thick walls (because it has a smaller internal bore). If you look at the pictures of those two new C9s lights you can see it very clearly.

So there are no doubts about it; the removable section plus those thicker walls mean it is a 16340 to AA/14500 converter even though MF fail to mention it in the text.

PS - Note also that MF took two length pictures so they know its a converter but just forgot to put it in the text.

Yeah, 16340 is coo and all. My Solarforce 16340 only got me like 300 over mAh and TF Flames just below 500.

Any luck on fitting 18350s? Those super pocket rockets from BIO got me twice the capacity at about 940mAh, even though they are IMRs! (supposed to be low in capacity vs the Li Co LOL!) :D