Should I dedome an XP-G2 or XM-L2?

I’ve not tried dedoming yet, but I’d like to change the LED in my Small Sun ZY-T13, so I thought it would be a good time to try a dedome too.

How much difference to the beam will a dedome make? (Can anyone provide a comparison picture?)

I want throw from the light, so I know the XP-G2 should offer more. But will it turn it into an XR-E style pencil beam? And how much less throw will the XM-L2 produce, as in, is it significant to the eye?

I’m also wanting to get something that is NW tint, how much will the tint shift?

Lastly, is the best method still to soak the LED in petrol?

If I like the result I’ll probably look at swapping in a different driver afterwards.

Really depends if you like/can stand pencil beam. Dedomed XPG2 on will give you that (yes like XRE).

I did one on Jacob A60 but didn’t like it. Not much use for me. The beam was cool though. :slight_smile:

Umm I am after throw, but it needs to be usable. I have a aspheric Mag which still throws as far as anything I own, but the beam is just a tad too narrow to be all that useful. Do you know how the beam and throw would compare for say a de-domed XM-L2 vs a domed XP-G2? I run an XP-G2 with a Qlite and it’s dome intact in a C8 which is quite nice.

I was hoping for some other members to chime in with pictures or links…

I don’t have much experience with XPG class. I tried the XPG2 (as mentioned), didn’t like it, and didn’t pursue more experiments or purchases.

If I recall correctly, domed XPG beam is still smaller than dedomed XML. But you can push much more current to the XML.

My T13 with XML2/copper is doing 150k so it’s no slouch on throw, and has big beam, very usable.