Should I invest on a good light like Fenix LD12?

18650 lights served me well and they just won’t fail

But my AA/14500 lights always risk flickering or just drop dead
My heavy modded ones aren’t particularly reliable because it only supports 14500 and not AA

Should I get a Fenix LD12 even though I know there isn’t a chance for me to do an LED swap in the future?

I’m currently limiting myself to only Alkaleaks or Eneloop powered lights that I can rely on without worrying

For a variety of reasons, including emergency battery availability, having a reliable AA light is a good idea. If you can afford it, I would go for it.

In my opinion, absolutely.

If you will desperately need it and can’t carry a spare, I could see it. Otherwise I would use an SK-58 or Coast HP1 or SK-68 or whatever conventional under $10 reflector light you like. I can’t actually remember any flashlight failing on me. Look at this thread, for example Century old Flashlights? . Is the problem with Lithium ion lights the availability of replacement batteries?
If you want an expensive light, get it for the joy of it. Don’t pretend you need it.

Have you checked out fenix e12. I have LD20 and e12. I like e12 way better as an inexpensive and reliable aa backup light. It can be had from amazon for$23.

Convoy X3 supports AA batteries! And you can swop the driver if you want!
I also like Sunwayman D40A, I presume it has a higher price than fenix but it is very nice light :slight_smile:

For your LD12 buy these AAA to AA adapters for $1.33, to give you more battery flexibility.


I had a LD22(2 AA) for awhile until I left it on a job somewhere. :_(
I have a lot of flashlights sitting on my desk(15), for some reason I always grabbed that one. Or used to until I lost it. Great little flashlight I bought at REI a few years back, the ld22. I bought it before I knew about flashlights. I think it was 50 - 60 dollars. When I bought it I thought, who the hell is a fenix? Never heard of it and thought it was just an overpriced cheap chinese flashlight. I wanted a streamlight at the time and they did not have it. I was raised on Maglight and streamlight.

I truly have to agree that I wanted a “branded/expensive” light because I’m actually sick of nanjg styled modes. (don’t get me wrong, I like convoy flashlights. It’s the only exception)
I’ve yet to learn how to program a light even with all the stuff ready to do so.

And I wouldn’t pretend I don’t need it as my collection of AA lights are dying out of nowhere.
If only cheapo sk68 could last without having to maintain so many times then I’d go for it.

Sadly cheap stuff comes with cheap lifespans.(in my case that is)

I hope the Fenix LD12 will last me for a long time until the next upgrade of XPG2 is out.
(I was told that the LD12 switch was held with a circlip which cause flickers? that worries me though)

I’m also eying on the Thrunite T10 but I saw the new Archer 1A got me interested too

I have nothing against premium lights, indeed I own Klarus, 4Sevens, EagleTac and others.

But paying premium money just for the sake of it….

If I just wanted a back up light to run on regular batteries and lived in the USA, I’d still get a Mini Maglite of some description. And I wouldn’t touch alkaleaks with a barge pole. Eneloop or Lithium primaries only.

That all said and done, I have 50 or 60 lights of various sizes and shapes. Most (80-90%) have batteries in them all the time. So I highly doubt I’d ever find a situation where I needed to use a torch that used alkalines.

With just the 18650 lights I have I could easily have light for weeks on end without the need to recharge them.