Should I purchase the eagletac sx25l3 mt g2 ? Please help with my decision.

First off, the reason why i like the eagletac is because of the size, high lumens, and most of all, the big ol hotspot and flood.
But, i already have a modded sl3 that is around 2000 lumens, a good driven king, and the solarstorm warrior.
Since these lights are fairly similiar in size, output, throw, flood, spill……is there any reason to get the eagletac?

Does anybody know if the eagletac will outthrow any of those 3 lights that i have? will the spill and flood be wider, and brighter ? i know the hotspot will be bigger.

I have one on the way from cellguy (E2 FieldGear). The SX25L3 gives longer runtime than the SL3 and is smaller than the King/Warrior while being in a similar league brightness-wise. It also has fully regulated output (due to 3S 18650 + ‘6V’ emitter), a simple UI, and should have a nice/consistent neutral tint to boot. The ability to run primary cells in a pinch is nice too. Check CPFmarketplace, they seem to pop up there every so often and go for ~$100.

You can probably tell that I’ve been waiting for a deal on this one for a while…

ya i do like the fact that its smaller than the 3 mentioned with same or better output. but doesnt seem a whole lot smaller vs the sl3, well the head on that is huge. but not that much smaller than the warrior.

primary cells is a plus but that doesnt lean me towards the purchase at all for me. maybe if it took AA’s or something.

simple UI and side switch is a major plus or i wouldnt have even considered this light in the first place. so i took that into account already.

the neutral tint is actually a con as i like cooler tints.

I can actually get the light for $110 brand new base model, (from a friend) but im still sketchy spending this much since i have those 3 lights.

I think i just need to know if its gonna be any brighter, floodier, brighter spill, then that should really tell me if i will make the purchase or not.

There’s an Amazon seller that has it for $120 shipped. I almost bought it the other day but I bought a D40A instead. It sure looks tempting, though. All that output with a single emitter. It’s gotta blow those other lights away in efficiency. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to resist lol.

helo, i have the sx25l3 (with KIT) mt-g2 and am in the process of reviewing it for bfl. srk, warrior, sl3 are all great lights and that's already more than i have in this class (sx25l3, tm15).

first of all the tint .. seems like 95% of the owners rave about it. it is *not* NW in the regular sense (the opposite of CW, that is) but it does tend towards this direction. Eagtac themselves describe it as a tint between CW and the (regular) NW. Basically it's a neutral tint in the literal sense, maybe similar to PD32UE which people expected to be more neutralish in the regular sense. There are lots of beamshots on the WWW. Second, the beam has 1 uniform tint (no typical CREE rainbow) and is really flawless, perfect in its beam pattern beam profile.

The light, mt-g2 is not meant to be a thrower. It is still throwy as can be told from selfbuilt tables. MT-G2 version comes with OP reflector.

The spill is very bright but not as wide (as TM11 or other flood monsters).

I noted it under Pro's .. the price. There are cpfmp discounts and you could ask dealers (mike the cellguy?) for a personal discount (non-US shoppers can drop me message and i might be able to help with a lower price). Comparing with other non-budget or premium lights with 2000+ lumens, the Eagletac is the least costly alternative. Fenix, Nitcore, Niwalkel, Niteye, Jetbeam, etc.. they all cost more.

doesnt sound like too many members have this light haha

Did you grab one of the two he was selling at a killer low price? I had it in my cart a couple minutes after he posted the deal, but I didn't go through with it. I wish I had a big enough budget to justify it. The output is amazing for a relatively compact single emitter light.

best price on earth?

blueb8llz, i've sent you an offer with some %%$$ off ;)