Should I trust that charger from Gearbest is legit?

Just wondering if they sell fakes as they are the cheapest place I can find to get the Nitecore D4 charger but I don’t know if I should trust them or not

all chargers I bought from Gearbest were 100% legit.
A long time ago (years ago) there were a few fake Nitecore chargers, I would think those batches are gone by now?
Liitokala chargers are good.

Thanks. There are so many negative reviews about GB that I am seriously considering taking my business elsewhere

Well, I never had a problem with Gearbest, or only very minor ones.
Out or hundreds of orders, they all came through. Slow shipping, but aren’t they all slow these days? Since I have never paid for shipping I really don’t mind it.

Just make sure you pay with paypal and not credit card directly.

Currently they won’t allow points towards flash sales, prices are a bit higher and shipping doesn’t seem to be free on all items… but other than that you can shop at GB.

The fake nitecore charger thing was ~2-3 years ago I think. I bought a legit i2 charger from Amazon a couple years ago after the fiasco. I would think by now they (nitecore) is past all that.

They should be, but they are facing the reality that many more players have entered the market. You can now buy really good chargers from different brands. Nitecore has good lights, but I believe they somehow dropped the ball on the charger game.

Never had a problem with Gearbest either and so far, everything I ordered has arrived within 2 weeks.

I’ve never had a problem with GB, and I’ve had a dozen or more orders from them.