Should there be a section for polls ..?? Is there ..?

I look at the polls to the left and think ...With the limited information how in the world could I vote without going to the thread and reading more ...

Question always is ...where in the hell is the thread located . And why isn't there a link or some way to get there ? Wouldn't it be nice to have something to click on or know where the poll is ?


If we had a sub-forum just for polls... we would probably have more of them. I think Mr. Admin would have to hand-pick the most important poll to be on the home page, but having easy access to more than one of them would be sweet because I quite enjoy polls.

Bring out your dead polls! :)

Why don't you put this question in a poll .......?

Here's a poll:

Should Boaz ask for a section for polls?

() Version 1

() Version 2