Should we have a "Lantern" Forum on BLF ?

As a Lantern collector and Modder, there is no real section or forum on Budget Light Forum dedicated to cordless Lanterns, including Vintage Incandescent, Kerosene, Fluorescent Naphtha, or candle lanterns, and for newer Fluorescent & LED lanterns, for everything from compact budget models to larger brand name models.
I enjoy modding lanterns as much as i do Flashlights, and there is no dedicated lantern section/forum on BLF, and stand-alone lanterns still are classified as lights, and LED technology is becoming popular for lanterns of all types.

YES! I really think we should definitely have one. I’m a huge fan of lanterns

In other news, just picked up two Utilitech lanterns from Lowes for $15 each, 300 lumens and takes 3 D batteries. Brighter than my Rayovac sportsman and not bad for the price.

If we had a Lantern section, i would post my Lantern photos, Mods, and even reviews for lanterns.

I've been getting more interested in lanterns too, but are they really becoming more popular, or are we noticing them more now? I'll wholeheartedly approve of a lantern forum if it encourages the development of better lanterns, especially a nice lantern host that has a nice thermal path and mass and uses multiple 18650's or nimh batteries.

I also have the Rayovac Sportsman. I remember getting it on sale from Amazon several years back for only $17. There was a thread over at the other place where someone modded it with a nice warm tint. I was quite envious as I’m no modder.

Yeah that’s a killer deal. I got mine for $19 on amazon (I really should have bought more) it’s a great size and has a pretty good tint. I do like the fact that the top and be taken off and hung upside down. I too saw, I think on candlepf, someone that modded their Sportsman and was immediately jealous

I am not really into lantern yet probably because there is no any good and budget lantern available yet to attract my interest. If there is such a section which can help boosting the research and exploration on lantern things then I might be into it.

… yet my wallet wouldn’t be too happy as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way how did you change your user name?

With help from sb56637 changed it. :slight_smile:

There is not as much of a “premium” class for lanterns as there are for flashlights, ( meaning we see flashlights well past the $ 300 price range, but not for lanterns.)
i do a lot of camping, fishing, back-country trips, and we have a lot of power outages where i live so i get to use various lanterns quite often.
Also i mod quite a few of lanterns, One example is this one below:

It is of my favorite modded lanterns is the above Coleman Remote control Lantern that was once a twin-Fluorescent tube model that ran off of 12v ( 8-D Batteries) it still has the remote control modes, but now it has a Philips 11-Watt/800-lumen E27 Base LED bulb, (equivalent to 60 Watt Incan) that i converted and modded to run off 12 volts DC instead of 120 volts AC.
Its the brightest LED portable lantern i have in my collection at the moment and use while camping, with the original High/Low modes and night light still operational, and it can now run from 8-D Alcalines, 8 AA NiMH cells, 3 18650s, or use a 12V Car adapter cord to run from a cig-socket or RV battery.
This conversion has a much, much better tint natural white Bulb, closer to an incandescent, (or even the Gas/mantle Lanterns) and better CRI that 95 % of the eye-searing blue-tinted LED & Fluorescent lanterns that cheap manufacturers seem to keep shoving in our faces lately on the shelves of outdoor stores and online.

The next light i’m modding is a former Coleman classic single-mantle Naphtha Model-321B, ( that will run from the same Muli-cell set up as the below lantern) but will use a 3 or 4 mode driver and MT-G2 5000K B0 emitter and Mantle-shaped diffuser.

As a collector of vintage Gas, oil, battery incan, Fluorescent & LED lanterns, ( in total its at 70 +) I like modding lanterns as much as flashlights.

I'd love a lantern section! I have none yet because I'm not satisfied with any one, but do want one. I'm waiting for that perfect one that is compact, as well build as a descent flashlight, and is easily moddable (I'm lazy).

That converted Coleman is better than any lantern that I have ever seen, great work on that, DBSAR!

Yeah I see BLF spirit in your modded lantern DBSAR. :smiley:

Right now the good quality “lantern” would probably be a tailstanding flashlight with a cone diffuser on it.

A tailstanding flashlight with diffuser works well but is not perfect, a dedicated lantern should spread the light evenly but mostly sideways, not in all directions like a diffuser does.

I would like to see a dedicated lanterns section/area too. Lantern threads tend to get lost when posted in the General Info area or the Multiple AA and Other Battery Type Flashlights areas. And no true area for all the non-battery lanterns out there.

Not too sure I agree completely about light direction from a lantern. To me there are two intended use classes of lanterns, those for outdoors/camping use and those designed primarily for emergency inside building use. The outdoors lantern does need the light all to the sides as upward directed light is pretty much wasted while the emergency use indoor lantern may do better with more upward beam output to provide ceiling bounced light for more even room illumination and less glare.

Most LED lanterns currently seem to be aimed at the camping/outdoors use category but if the top reflective cone on them was made removable like it is in one mini lantern I have then the usefulness indoors is materially increased. The Rayovac and Streamlight 3 D battery lanterns would to me be improved if the reflective top cap was removable from the diffuser globe as well as the current setup where the top cap and diffuser globe are removable as one piece from the lantern base. Such a change should have a minimal cost impact but also should increase versatility materially.

Yes, I would like a lantern section on BLF

Like to see more lantern post in future.

I shamelessly horde well over 100 gas lanterns, so Id certainly like to contribute if the sub-forum were added.

My favorite user is my Coleman 237/CQ/Milspec frankenlantern mish-mash. I recently tuned it to operate @55 psi without over-fueling. :bigsmile: The apparent brightness is better than triple that of a stock 237 on thorium coated Peerless mantles, and its still on the original mantle after +35 gallons of fuel burned (10% CF, 15% high grade stoddard, 75% high grade kero)

I have lanterns in my collection categorized in their light designs,
> vertical-emitting
> Down-emitting
> 360 degree side emitting
> Directional side emitting
> Omni-directional emitting

If we had a dedicated forum, i would post a topic and photos explaining the differences in these. sends Hints to SB

i have only a couple of those models, but many others.

Tail standing flashlights work ok in some circumstances and have their limits, but outdoors camping flashlights tail standing with diffusers tend to cause “glare” , without illuminating the ground or table they are on. Without a diffuser a tail standing is pointless outdoors, (as there is no ceiling to bounce the light back) Indoors it works great with white ceilings.

Yes to the Lantern section.