Should we request different mode memory logic for the next batch of Tank007 E07 BLF Edition?

You can see the archived poll results on the Wayback Machine:

Hi everyone, I'm wondering if we should ask to change the mode memory logic on the next batch of the Tank007 E07 BLF Edition, or should we just leave it as is?

Here's a description of how it currently works:

It sounds different that we expected, but not necessarily bad or poorly executed.

Please vote! Thanks., I vote for dropping the memory. (I love the two mode "LH, no memory"-logic in DQG Tiny II, adding third mode can't be that annoying?)

I always liked M - L - H and with memory , I get just that

Im voting for -

  1. L-M-H (NO memory) - First choice.
  2. M-L-H (NO memory) - Second choice

  3. L-H (No Memory) - Pretty good choice too.

  4. L-M-H (Memory) (which is the same as M-H-L, or H-L-M, since its memory) - (also notice how much further down the list this one is)
  5. H-M-L (Memory) (as above, its just the order from H->L)- (Almost last choice)

  6. Not having a torch - (last choice)

  7. Memory mode that takes more than 2 seconds to activate - (yes, id rather not have the light if its got slow memory)

If it's L-M-H, no mode memory is fine, and that would be my preference.

LMH or LH with no memory.

Plus a slow strobe ( ≤2Hz ) or a pattern strobe (say 2 fast pulses every second).

Maybe also a 0.1Hz beacon.

And no PWM.

You know, maybe the best thing would be an Akoray K-106 style programmable driver.

Realistically, that's probably not an option since we're already way past negotiating over features and at this point only asking for some minor bit flipping on the part of Tank. But that is definitely something I'd love to see in the next custom BLF light.

With many of us not even having the last one in hand yet, I'm not sure how to answer. I'm still debating "do I ask for a refund on the ones they got wrong?".

UL>M>H with NO memory just like we decided when we were designing this light. It's what they were supposed to do in the first place.

Edit: I stand corrected. We DID have mode memory in the original design but I'm not against dropping it at this point.

Choice 1 LMH no memory

Choice 2 LMH with quick memory

I would agree with JonnyMac. Why even bother with all this customer order stuff if they don't do what you request?

You can get a 1AA light a lot quicker though other means. Memory is generally a crutch for a bad design IMO.

I think it should be left as it is. My logic for this is…

  1. We have a working design that isn’t that bad(although not what agreed on) Memory works just like my Tank 566
  2. Tank obviously can’t follow instructions so who knows how it might turn out if we request a change.
  3. We might be ruining our chances of future custom lights by being to picky. (Although it isn’t exactly how we wanted it and I do know this can make or break a design. At least they will be willing to try again if this is a success)

Hmmm... now I'm starting to wonder if this was a scam from the beginning just to get us to buy at least two lights :P

But count me out for the revised version. I actually prefer H>M>L but I'm not into buying duplicate flashlights ;)

Hmm, according to my notes, we did request mode memory from the beginning.

Your notes are better than mine (none) so I could be very much mistaken. I really did think we decided no memory. Oh well... :) [quote=sb56637]

Hmm, according to my notes, we did request mode memory from the beginning.


I voted for no change but after careful consideration i believe change to be the best course if for no other reason than it gives me an excuse to buy another light (not that i need an excuse but it does make explaining to SWMBO a bit easier)

The product page stated the features correctly. You can return the light at your cost and get refunded.

If you expect free flashlights just because the mode order isn't what was said from the start and you were too lazy to check the product page, you're just abusing the whole Manafont-BLF deal and are making future deals of the same kind less probable.

3 mode with memory (1-2 seconds will be fine, imo).

Now that my initial disappointment of not getting the exact light we had worked so long to arrange has worn off coupled with the reports that the low is really the ultra low we had hoped for, I am now quite excited to the ones I ordered. I really don't care about the mode order and with the limited initial run I am tickled to have a couple of very rare and desirable lights. I will still order another of the second run and anxiously await future BLF models! :)