Show me the way

Let me start by saying, What an amazing form you guys have going!
I been around the CPF forums as XD9 and been there since 2008…. I now got bit by the DYI Flash light bug…

I am not a programmer but I do write scrips in UNIX and Linux so I do have knowledge on the tech side…

I have all the tools to be able to flash using the tools and applications advised here:

Now I am looking to buy the drivers and parts to build my first custom…
I found this site:

But I am a bit lost on all I need…

I do know that I want to go with ATmel Tiny13 chip base drivers so I can flash them… (open to advice on a good source)
I also know that I need to choose my LED, Reflector, Lens…

I am not sure how to choose the body nor the switch…

I was also wondering if people buy a specific brand of budget lights for modding…. IE: TrustFire.

Thanks for your help!

Any Every light can be modded. :disguised_face:

Welcome to BLF !

Got cha :wink:

I would go to Attiny 25 and 85 with more complex firmwares and thermal management

I sell different drivers if you are interested, many sizes and different voltages

You can read my sales topics about them I bet there is something for your project

Thank you! You will definitely hear from me soon!