Show off your EDC knife!

I hope this hasn’t been brought up before, I searched I swear :*
Since I was a knife nut before I was a flash light nut, I wanna see your EDC blades!
Here is mine:

  • Coincidentally the search for the perfect EDC knife is what led me to flashlights!


I have a few others to choose from as well but it’s these two at the moment.

RIT Black dyed Harnds Viper

Kershaw Clash!

I occasionally change the knife in my pocket, cycling through my collection, even when I am not getting new ones.

This is a cheap Pakistani small folder with a clip and a “razor” blade, maybe 15 or 20 years old. It took quite a bit of work to make it usable, mostly sharpening. The steel is very soft, but it serves when I am not using it heavily. I love the camel bone handle, even though it is not perfect either. I sharpen the clip blade with my usual fine 8” stone and dish detergent, and the razor blade with a hard white Arkansas stone and honing oil.

As I am in the UK I can only EDC a sub 3” non locking knife so one of these……

However the Law allows the carrying of over 3” lockers with “reason” , so I carry one these when at work…….

Here’s a few of my EDC favorites. I like to mix it up and try to match what I carry for what I think I will need for the day.

Sometimes I will carry a non-threatening knife if I’m in public or somewhere sensitive to them like the doctor’s office or social gathering. These are situational as well, though I seem to favor the Executive most of the time and occasionally the Tinker. The Cadet (not in this photo) is nice, too.

Here’s a few random pocket dumps since my EDC knives are never completely alone. I definitely like to mix it up to keep things interesting.

Sometimes I like to EDC something more serious like when I’m camping or doing serious work.

I even like to mix it up when I EDC a fixed blade. Here’s a few of my beater favorites.

Deep in the woods I’ll EDC the machete and usually the Becker BK14. Yeah, overkill.

I use this Tac-Force for most Back-Country work, etc.

But also have a pocket Victorinox too i carry.

Like you guys, I have several. But, nothing crazy expensive. I like the SOG brand. Knife guys go ahead and flame me. lol But they work well for me. I EDC the Trident.

Got it a while back on some special from I cant remember where. I want to say I paid about $50 for it. Nothing special, It just works.

Any info on the 3rd and 4th knives here?

I use a Sanrenmu 710 at work and a GR5-605 for opening parcels/packages etc at home.

But I don’t carry either of them on me.

I also have a Enlan EL-01 in black and another in tan.

And the other day I got a Navy K-610, it really has to be held in the hand to be appreciated.

My EDC knife from a tool shop

The 3/16” thick ATS-34 blade is rugged as all get out, easily acting as a pry bar or a razor, serving many needs in one bulky but smallish knife. Titanium liners with liner lock, bronze bushings for the blade to glide on and black G10 scales. Very rugged dependable knife. Been in my pocket for at least a decade…

Here’s a picture of the ones I’ve carried. I also have a Gerber AR 3.0 that I carried after the tiny Gerber but I can’t find it at the moment. The one thing I liked about the Gerber AR is the pocket clip that allowed for really deep carry in the pocket. The Gerbers were nice but not nearly up to the quality (or price :~ ) of the Benchmade or Spyderco.The brown Griptillian was carried for quite a while and is a great knife. I’m now carrying the Sypderco most all the time. If I need something a little smaller and less noticeable I’ll carry the mini Griptillian with the black clip.

Three sisters forge tactical

Kershaw cryo

  1. is a Gerber Freeman Guide. I think I paid 20 bucks for it. Made in China but it’s decent quality and the rubberized scales have a great feel, giving this knife a very solid grip in my hands. Sheath is meh but I’m close to making my own Kydex sheaths.
  1. is a Hultafors Craftsman Heavy Duty. They are very similar to Moras and actually a little cheaper. This one was about 10 bucks! The manufacturer insinuated in my review comments that it’s not made in China but they wouldn’t say anything more. Like the Moras, it’s not full tang, but also like the Moras it’s built well enough not to need to be.

I like that one but a quick google search shows its pretty much only available in the UK and probably not worth shipping here.

But Ill have a better search for them later (just checking in between jobs).

Hmmm I got it from Amazon. It’s gone up a few bucks though, since I bought mine.

Edit: Saw you were in Aussieland, sorry :frowning:
Can’t go wrong with a Mora then!

The Hultafors range is designed to work. Many variations but the Heavy Duty at £5.95 is a bargain. I haven’t done anything but resharpen mine but they’re easy to re-handle.

The tang, while it’s not a full tang comes pretty close.

You wouldn’t break one without serious abuse.
Pretty much throw-aways at that price but a very nice knife to keep in your EDC rotation if allowed by law.
From the sales blurb. “The knife blade is manufactured in Japanese knife steel, 3 mm carbon steel that has been hardened to 58- 60 HRC. The cutting edge has been sharpened with a double edge angle and a final honing on a leather strop”.

I just looked at the heinnie website and its 12.50 pounds shipping to Aus.

Ill see if I can find it anywhere else with a similar price and cheaper shipping, if not then I might just look at different knives.

edit Found them for $15 AUD on ebay from the UK, I think Ill buy one at that price.

Thanks for the help.


Couple of my BM knives. The 960 SLV and the Limited Edition 921.