Show off your EDC knife!

…and extremely hard to get for a production knife! Waited over 4 months for this one!

I love the K610, its a good sized knife and very sturdy.

The liner lock is sometimes a little catchy/rough though, it doesn’t slip it just seams not to want to release when you are trying to close the blade. Maybe with time it would improve though.

The blade is 440C 58HRC, it should be on par or better than 5Cr15MoV which is generally 56-58HRC.

For the price I’d say its well worth it.

Not for EDC but I’m still infatuated with the new Tops Fieldcraft knife I got.

I like the 337 but I EDC the smaller one.


OK, how did you do these? Especially the diamond file….

Nice guys - here’s my little one. My only knife but serves me well.

Benchmade 940-1

Nice 940! Welcome to BLF!
Here is a couple more frequented knife pages:

What balde did you EDC today?:

What knife did you get today?:

What knife do you have on order?:

LMFAO I love the last title - What knife do you have on order!

Thank god the knife bug never bit me. When my SOG broke after years of use and abuse I went with the 940-1. Figured the carbon fiber would match everything else. Even my Glock has carbon fiber trimming on it lol

The knife bug is a nasty one. I have found this vid to be more accurate than anything, lol.

He puts it quite well

Talks about how this knife does everything well, “But I yearn for the next step, don’t I ”

For 2 years, I always have this guy with me. Not as polite as folders but still fine for most place I stay.
It’s a replacement for my old companion. I think it’s steel is softer and more sensitive to chemicals than my old companion.

This little one has been with me a while

I EDC a Spyderco Roadie. It’s a lovely little knife non-threatening knife.

Here are some size comparisons, next to a Leatherman Squirt, Victorinox classic, and a Leatherman Juice

And next to an Opinal No. 12

Put that one in my pocket the day I got it and it just hasn’t left yet. Nothing fancy, it just works.

Kershaw Blur :sunglasses:

Sorry for quoting such an old thread, but this is what I wish my Blur was, or, rather, I wish this used the steel that my Blur does. The design is much nicer on this, better finger guard, but the S30V steel is hard to beat.

Still, the 8Cr steels aren’t bad at all and Kershaw above most others had perfected the heat treat on them, bringing out the best of it. Nice knife!