Side switch add-on for easer button finding?

I have a Wowtac A4 which I really like. Only downside is the button isn’t easy to locate in the dark by feel. I refuse to let it ruin the light for me. I’m thinking adhering something to the button, or around the button. Around the button would seem to help prevent accidental activation, with the button being recessed. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Removable would be nice but not necessary. My couple ideas were a washer around the button, or small rubber bumper on the button. Leaning toward silicone.


Peel’n’stick sandpapery stuff you put on stairs and the like. Disc on the switchboot, or a piece on the flat with a circle cut out for around the switchboot.

Grip tape for skateboards, stairs, etc works well and that’s what I have on my side switch buttons. Also works great for pistol grips that don’t have wrap around grips :slight_smile:

I brought the smaller handheld. They used the same button in both. I returned mine because of the button. Sorry I don’t have anything to offer for your problem, but I totally understand.

A thin o-ring of the appropriate diameter and a drop of crazy glue might solve the problem.

I’ve done the o-ring solution with a light sand an 2 part epoxy but that was on a hard plastic switch not a rubber one. The skate/stair grip tape one is a cool idea never heard of that might try next time.

Having some issues with finding the switch too, on some other lights.
Grip tape may be the solution.

Have a Wurkkos WK20S that is the opposite - the switch sticks out and is magnetic type. Any slight tap, light’s ON. Found a beveled plastic washer that fitted nicely around the button. As a test, temporarily glued with contact cement. Had a few adjustments and now permanently glue with CA.

Buy an assortment pack of stainless and brass washers either online or in a hardware store. Harbor freight has some good ones. I glue a washer on that fits the switch with Goop. Stays stuck but can be peeled off without damage. It not only makes the switch easy to find by feel it also eliminates accidental turn ons. If you want, you can get fancy and custom shape them on a bench grinder if round does not fit. A little Mothers will polish them up nicely. On my D4 I had to triple them up to achieve the protection needed to prevent hot pockets. Most of my Sofirns only require one.

If it’s the Wowtac A4 V2 (1x26650), the button is just a dinky little hunk of silicone. Nothing’s going to stick to it.
Nearly impossible to find by touch in the dark.
Block it with something and you loose the charge indicator LED.


It’s one of the two problems with this light. The other is it gets branding iron hot on high. No need for turbo to melt your fingers.
The first version of this light(2x18650) had a flat topped metal switch with an LED peep hole in the center. Stick on solutions would work. Leave a hole for the LED to peek through.
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As jeff pointed out above, not much would stick to the silicone button. Perhaps a small “o” ring glued onto the ring. I’d insert some doubled sided tape backing (the waxy peel away) around the neoprene to make sure any glue wouldn’t spill onto it. Build up with some Cyano Acrylic glue*. It sticks quite well to the Nitrile “o” rings but may have trouble with the stainless ring. I’d use a transition glue as aerosol contact cement quite liquid, sprayed in the can top cup, add with a small paintbrush, and let it dry to make an adherent surface.-

  • You don’t put much CA onto things. There are fumes that taint the surrounding surfaces, and it can take quite a while for it to cure.

Not a quick fix.

Edit 2010/08/10;

Strikethrough that tedious method. Was lucky once with the Wurkkos WK20S (pictured) but not a second time with a Sofirn SP10S:

The idea of gluing a node below the switch is great; might just do that in future.

Someone on Amazon put a zip tie in the head groove closest to the switch. With the locking do-dad at the switch location.
That might be the easiest way to go.

The head get so frelling hot I’d question any type of sticky tape anything lasting any time.
But LBs idea of tape around the switch might work,

The first version of this light was great. The battery tube was so long that lots of muggles couldn’t cope. Shame, it was far better IMHO.

Let us know what you end up with. I need to do something to mine also.
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Here are a few of my side switch lights with the added washers

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the suggestions. I did a couple of tests on what made it easiest to find the button quickly, while not covering the actual button. I ended up putting one little dot/rubber bumper just below the button (over top of the Wowtac writing). This works well as a guide for my finger and is easy to locate picking up the light in the dark. I used a dot of clear silicone to adhere it so I’ll see how this holds up over time. I wanted to try silicone before going the epoxy route. Thanks again.

What about a GITD thing around the switch?

What is that?

It’s a Sofirn SP33 V3.0 with a 3D printed switch cover/guard/ring. Prevents accidental activation and makes the switch easier to find.

Yeah, I was referring to the switch surround. Nice addition. You should sell them.