Sidelight with good flood

Hi, can anyone recommend lights that compete with the Milwaukee rover light? I’m looking for something floody with a side strip. Thought the folks here could enlighten me.

Not necessarily the type of lighting we specialize in here, but this forum has so many experts with so much sure someone has some better answers than me. But with that said, as far as work lights, it's very difficult to beat the Astro Pneumatic lights. There's 2 lights they offer that are insanely good, sold on amazon also: 52slc and the 100sl. The 52slc comes with a dual wireless charging bank that also can charge the 100sl. Buy both of those and I guarantee you will love them. The 100sl is, dare I say, as indestructible as a light can be.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I should have been more specific. I’m looking for something akin to Milwaukee 2112-21. It’s a pocketable strip- flood light.

I’ve got the 2367 Service and Repair model….do you mean that one or one of the smaller Rover series, or which? For this one I’ve not seen anything like it…would rather that it were a bit less floody than it is (it’s basically a mule) but so far it’s been a decent light, quite handy at times and gave me a reason to use all the small batteries I’ve accumulated.

Not real familiar with the smaller Rover lights but there’s likely something similar, probably with emitters that are quite different, though (for better or worse). They use a small variety of emitters but the ones I’ve seen look something like the Nichia Optisolis (probably not, but something similar). Their “true view” series isn’t all the same either, other than trying to stick around 4000-4500 color temp. What do you want to be the same or different than the Milwaukee? What sort of battery size…or overall size?

Mainly I’m looking for a pocketable strip light powered by an 18650.

Ok…and I see your other post…I was typing while you were clarifying. :slight_smile:

Not real sure. If the Lumintop E05C or EDC05 are still available you might look at that/those. I think they had four emitters on the side covered by a diffuser…a lot less light than the Rover you mentioned. Then there are the Big Larry types but most of those are really low end and powered by 2AA…pretty handy lights, though, and all of the knockoffs I’ve seen were every bit the same quality as the Nebo. Those are about the same size as that Milwaukee, a tad longer, while the Lumintop is quite a bit shorter.

Then there are smaller keychain styles. Maybe someone knows of some others that are a better match. (And a lot cheaper than the overpriced Milwaukee, and not using an again-overpriced proprietary battery…)

Oops…probably disregard the Lumintop above…those were the smaller ones. The larger E21C is what I was thinking of…21700 or 18650, more emitters, more light. Doesn’t seem to be in stock very many places at all but I found it on a couple ali stores including the official one. Not sure I’d give Lumintop $70 for anything these days, but. That’s more than the Milwaukee and at least you know that Milwaukee can be contacted and will probably stand behind the product if it fails (Lumintop only seems to do that on amazon if you buy there…otherwise you’re likely high and dry).

Thanks. That’s exactly the type I’m looking for, but at that price is just pick up the Milwaukee in town with easy warranty. I’m guessing there’s not many lights in this category.

There are some right angle headlights that would be more versatile. 120° beam angle, fully waterproof, higher drop rating, larger battery capacity, much brighter and or longer run times, more compact at 4-3/8” or 112mm, better clip, two color temps, not a proprietary battery,. You would only have the tail magnet, it would be more expensive, rarely available local,.

does it need to be a strip?

well, link doesn`t work… WARSUN X608 on Banggood

Yes, I’m looking for the strip, and similar form factor. Is there a standard name for the feature?

I spent way too much time browsing and snooping for lights like this. Like rotating head 90° lights, it’s a niche. Most places they seem to fall under the “worklight” category…and mostly junk of course. Surprisingly very little past content here.

Here’s a great review from last summer on that Lumintop if that’s still of interest: ➤ Runtime \ Beamshots \ Review Lumintop E21C (21700, SST40, additional sidelight) He’s got links if they’re still good…and if Banggood is an ordering option but Fin or Freeme don’t have a coupon, the charlesbridgetec coupon usually works for at least 10%.

And a few others that look decent…but pricing may not be what you want. Acebeam, Fenix…and a couple from Niteize (surprising) and Nebo that are maybes. The Nebo is an 18650 update to their Larry…I can’t tell if it is a normal replaceable cell or if it’s the proprietary like in their Larry Pro model. Acebeam looks the best, kind of an extended angle headlight design with normal 18650, shorter length, great emitter choices…not sure if any coupons are available (on this forum or others, maybe a general blf discount?) but it looks like about $90 is the cheapest at Battery Junction…I’d google around. The Niteize and Nebo have typical cold white color, of course. I didn’t snoop around Aliexpress or check Neal’s site, or others in the US like killzone, illumn, etc.

Thank you for that information! The Fenix definitely stands out. I’m going to try to find one in stock. That’s perfect

You’re welcome…interesting trip down another rabbit hole. :slight_smile: That Fenix does look interesting…the yellow-yellow flashing mode caught my attention and makes me wonder what sort of cob strip they’ve used (and what color temp the normal cob mode is). The built-in lipo pack is the big drawback for me but it looks really versatile for positioning with the clip and dual magnets. More often than not I use the little Nicron N7 angle head since it’s bright on 14500 and easy to pocket, but that larger Rover service light has been getting a lot of use for its output and color. I end up under desks and in dark holes a lot at work, need to see pencil or scribe marks, etc. and these do pretty well but nothing (including the Larry types) is quite perfect yet. The cold white of the XP-E emitters on this one would bug me but perhaps they’re accessible for modding without destroying the housing.