Silicone Grease at DX. ($2.70)

- Silicone grease
- Preferred lubricant for "O" ring and threads of NexTorch flashlights
- High temperature toleration
- Compatible all NexTORCH flashlights
- Capacity: 22g

Nice find!

Also available at LT, you save a whooping Cent.

Can i use with other brands ?

Of course , you can use it to other brand flashlight !

It was a joke!

I was in the process of writing a reply when I realised too...

If it hadn't been for the smiley, I probably would have put up the reply.

Me, I now use engine oil

I received today the LT grease. With the 22 grams you can take half a lifetime to finish it.(a bit like the FUJIK thermal glue...)

I applied to my flashlights threads and orings without electrical contacts problems.

...and I can confirm it works on other brands of flashlights. :P

Be sure to use it on flashlights only. :D

You don't want nasty surprises on more delicate appliances. :D

Why? in the blister is written: "Work on other lubricable situations"

...and does not harm silicone or latex...But ok, I will wait for someone to do a review first... ;)

One from DX arrived, via ChinaPost
It seems to be genuine, come with original package.

Hard silicone grease without any heat-conductive/polishing particle, nice fit for twisty threads and zooming tube.
approx 5g NET, 22g was GROSS.

Keep it away from loose electronic contacts, clicky switches, driver's plus-pole plate, minus-pole springs.

It's not a contact oil/grease.

there is one that looks like it's a 5 gallon bucket but it's 2 inches tall .. is this it ??

man where's that link's too funny

I read the review on DX and it seems it is not good for long term use. Personally i use the mini bottle of machine oil that came with a braun hair trimmer or razor. Doesen't harm rubber or aluminium.

I vividly remember reading about someone who bought a flashlight and had just finished "MODDING " it . The Mod was grease and upgrading the o rings ..... I still shake my head in disbelief .. Did he just say he modded something ? < My first exposure to the wonderful world of flasholism..I knew right then this was my kinda people ..

It awakened something deep and primal in me

High Purity Silicone Oil Lubrication for Flashlight Torch (10ml/2-Pack), $2