Silly AD, I don't want a SCAM light!

Anybody else notice seeing the SCAM light banner ADs here on BLF today? I hit the X to shut it off, and it only gives me three choices for why I don’t want to see it, so I choose ‘Inappropriate’ as my reason. I wish they had a choice to mark it ‘Fraud’ as that’s the real truth! :rage:

I know some of us have AD blockers. I’m not trying to start a discussion on that topic, but Mr. Admin has asked that if possible, we keep AD blockers turned off, because the ADs help him a little. :money_mouth_face: So, for those of us who see the ADs, is there anyone else who feels like seeing the SCAM light advertised on our beloved BLF is akin to seeing a huge cockroach in your kitchen? :confounded:

i never see ads other than DX,FT and BG and i never use adblock :innocent:

Yeah, we all know Google is ‘spying’ on us, in order to serve up ‘relevant’ advertising to us every chance they get. I’m not very paranoid, so I’m not much bothered by that. I just hope (more like wishful thinking) enough of us SPAM-kill these ADs that Google might begin to question whether they should serve the ADs any longer. I wonder what the break point is, where they decide the AD is not a good one for them.

just click on it to give SB ad clicks lol

I use “AdAway”, which blocks known (blacklisted) Ad-hostnames redirecting their outgoing requests to localhost ( It’s not overly aggressive, I can see the usual 0K advertisements on lots of pages like here, for example.

Just don’t spend a single smidgin of you on things you don’t care about. I may (inadvertently :partying_face: ) tap an ad here and there but, to me, ads are just potential annoyances unless deliberately requested. I have a few online retailer subscriptions and that’s as far as I will go.

Cheers :smiley: