Silly Q - what 3030-4040 emitter puts out the most output in 3v?

Been tinkering with xpl,nichia,xhp50.2, some osram white1 but I feel like I need to take a step above. What’s some next level enitters I can start dabbing into in 3v configurations?

The XHP50.2 is 5050, so it’s out of the running. Among emitters commonly seen in the flashlight world, it’s pretty much a tie between the Samsung LH351D and Cree XP-L2. The Samsung has less tint shift across the beam.

But the output of an LH351D next to an XP-L isn’t going to be “next level”. Human perception of brightness is roughly logarithmic, and 20-30% more will be noticeable in a side-by-side comparison, but not dramatically so.

Xpl/Samsung’s about the only high output in this format eh?

The Lumileds Luxeon V is 4040 and also up there in terms of output. The Osram Boost HX will probably be pretty high output when it’s available, and more throwy than the others.

Lh351d is highest output 3v 3535. As mentioned the luxeon V is the absolute max output 3v led in your listed size range (4040) but it’s known to suffer pretty bad burn in losses, I’ve seen figures showing >20% loss (at turn on) just a few months after the light was built. This is permanent losses,not heat / battery state of charge losses…

Luxeon V (4040)

Luxeon MZ 70CRI variants should be capable of 4000lm at ~15Amps.

Do you really need it to be 3030 to 4040? The 3V XHP50.2 is going to be one of the brightest 3V options, and the easiest to use in terms of availability and MCPCB.

The SBT90.2 is probably the best in terms of output and luminance, but it’s expensive and not readily available. The osram S2WN and S2WP are quad die packages using 1mm^2 and 2mm^2 dies, respectively. These should be very high output and luminance, but they are not readily available. The S2WP MCPCB is not available as far as I know. The S2WN can use the RGBW XML MCPCB.

Has this been tested? In my experience it was not that good.

I'm not aware of actual 70CRI test, but judging by 90CRI numbers, 4000lm should be possible @15Amps.

Funny thing is, Luxeon MZ datasheet last update was back in Nov 2015 (!), we are talking about 4 years old LED, which is really old in LEDs world, and available bins are definitely higher now.

The problem is, Digikey,Mouser,etc. usually stock quite old reels since these LEDs are not best sellers and it takes years sometimes to sell one reel, so who knows which bin you tested.

There is also Luxeon MX, basically a domed version of MZ, 70CRI versions have typ. 1230lm @85C and at only 2.8Amps, at 15Amps they could possibly be in 5000lm range.

Technically MX is still 4040 LED, but it has weird footprint which is smaller than body (7070).

Cross pattern/donut hole is basically the only issue which stopped this LED to be popular in flashlight modding community.