Simon (Convoy) @ aliexpress

Simon (Convoy) has restored my faith in humanity. I had an order from xmas that went missing in transit. Simon reshipped both lights in record time, no stories, no bullshit.
Great service and excellent C8 lights, btw.
I’ll be buying from him again.
Yours happily.

The guy is awesome. Convoy is awesome. Convoy lights are awesome. You should definitely check out the L6 if you don’t have one yet. :slight_smile:

I'll be damned. Nice!

You’ll be happy to know this is his average level of customer care 8^) Both the brand and the man behind it are easily the finest in the budget light market you’re bound to find.

Or at the very least a clear C8. Or an M1, or an S-series model (just be careful about the S2+, it has battery size concerns).

Yeah, I ordered an L6 driver from him and he threw in some clear L6 side switch covers for free because I asked if he sold them. :beer:

Simon is the best. Ordered a few lights from him.

Welcome to BLF!
Yeah Simon is great
And you know what? J-Dub74 is great too and he and Simon empty our wallets with cool lights!

Simon has excellent service and excellent lights at reasonable prices, it is always better to buy your products in your store, greetings!

I have three truly modern lights; all in Convoy hosts. They are nice, and don't break the bank.

I got an L2 today that is simply awesome! I had intended to modify it, and I did, but now I’m gonna have to get another one because I really love it in stock form. :slight_smile:

Got my eye on a BD02 as well, got my hands on one of a friends and really liked it. Bumped output on it for my friend and it woke him up to how nice a light it really is. That one is probably next on my Convoy shopping list… or an M1, or maybe an M2, or that second L2, or ….

Go with the M1, one of my favorite overall lights

I myself can get behind this statement. The M1 has a well-focused spot without being throwy like the C8, and the spill has the proportions and brightness to be useful without making it very floody.

If you want a slightly more flood-oriented beam with wider spill, the M2 is a good pick.

:smiley: :THUMBS-UP:

The Moa is the man!! By special request from me, thru Jared, Simon made me (2) Bare Aluminum L6’s straight off the machines direct from the factory, the only 2 I know of in the world, Simon you Da Man!! :STEVE:

The 2 Bare Convoy L6’s are a family heirloom to be handed down……when I go… :((


I’m your second cousin, three times removed, I’m in the will… right? :smiley:


Dem’s some family jewels all right :smiley:

:smiley: Think you’ve been removed 4-5 times now IIRC :open_mouth:

:smiley: of course your in the will Cuz!

That reminds me…. })

What’s the convoy website URL?

Any sellers in Europe?
That’s the man himself.