Single AAA keychain light

Hello Guys, just joined this forum but been looking around for a while. I have the maratac 115 lumens aaa and I got my wife the itp aaa keychain light, Ive been reading around for a higher lumens keychain light thats the same size because I work outdoors very early in the morning but with all the stuff that I carry I dont want to carry a big flashlight, and with a keychain light I would never forget to bring it with me. Any suggestion would be appreciated, and I just want to use regular batteries thanks.

I really like my Fenix LD01…but there are a ton of good aaa lights…and there are a ton of good threads on BLF regarding them. Try a search for them and welcome to BLF.


Tank007 E09 on FastTech:

they have several different colors including red…

Edit: Welcome to BLF :)!

Thanks, I like the look of it, and you cant beat the price also.

If you you're in the habit of carrying around a pen, you might consider a 2xAAA light like the OLight O'Pen.

Hello,Tris,welcome to BLF, the ThruNite has some AAA flashlight, I very like the Ti2, you can go to their ebay store to look for the flashlight, there is the link: thrunite ebay store

You need a single AAA with more than 115 lumens?? a bit difficult…

However, if 80 lumens is enough, you have this one:

Reviewed here against the itp/maratac

It is available on several colors…

best selling 1xAAA keychain light on the Geman market is LiteXpress

Thanks for all your replies, I would look into all your suggestions.

It kind of depends on whether or not you believe the claimed lumens. The Tank007 E09 on FT’s website claims 120 lumens.

BTW, I forgot that there’s this “AAA Compendium”:

that lists a bunch of AAA lights along with lumens and links.

The only way to get significantly past the 115 lumens (which the maratac not is, more like 80 or so) without the light getting bigger, is buy some 10440 li-ion batteries and try them out in your maratac. The driver may fry but it probably won't. And then there is around 200 lumens. I have good experience with 10440 imr batteries from, I use them in my maratac aaa copper.

You won’t find better. Simply put a 1xAAA cannot drive enough amperage to generate a significantly higher number of lumens. Nor could it sink all the heat. Since you won’t even notice any real difference unless you hit 200 lumens, looking is rather pointless. Also, even with higher lumens you wouldn’t be able to SUSTAIN those lumens for any length of time. 200 lumens is useless if its only for 30 seconds before the light is red-hot…

Instead you need to change your focus a bit in one of these ways:

a) Consider a Rechargable CR123 style light. It is the same length but a lot fatter. Still works ok as a keychain light. Mine cranks out a good 400 lumens (since its 30% overdriven due to using a RCR123), though it cannot sustain it for very long…nor do I need it to.
You’d want to find one that supports RCR123 and claims around 250ish lumens in a floody pattern. This would be plenty bright, have decent runtime, AND is sustainable.

b) Alternatively you can get a 1xAA keychain light and use a lithium ion 16340 battery. Basically longer skinnier version of the RCR123 (14500 size).

c) You CAN theoretically use a lithium 10440 (AAA size) and get a lot of light out of your existing AAA keychain lights. You can even google it. (itp A3 or I3 and 10440). However it gets HOT really fast, and exceeds how much current you are supposed to draw. You likely cannot use a protected battery either.
I would AVOID this techique.


My Olight I3s with 10440 is still churning out over 240 lumens after two minutes and is no where near too hot to hold.

Edit: That’s with an ultrafire 10440.

Thanks again guys, I appreciate all your suggestions, I might give the tank007 a try I kind a like the Olight O pen also but a bit pricy for me, I dont really want to deal with all this issues about Heating up and different types of battery so if I cant get more output out of 1 AAA then I got no choice but to look for other options.

tank007 is good one. I tried to use this before

Tank007 TK-703 is another idea. I find it very bright, especially on eneloops. It has no modes and a clicky switch.



You will NOT find a 1-AAA (not li-ion) light brighter than your ITP unless you want to spend a lot more.

Do you often find yourself in situations where the light you have on hand isn’t bright enough? As in really, really insufficient amounts of light? Like trying to look down an open manhole in the heat of day with light-adjusted eyes, using your ITP? If so, maybe its time to make an effort carrying around a bigger light? If not, and you only wish you had more light instead of actually needing it well then…welcome to the club son!

And don’t be afraid of looking into li-ion lights. There really isn’t anything to worry/fear about when you’re only using one cell.

Keep a bigger light in your car, backpack, briefcase, workplace locker, belt holster or even your back pocket. Its really not any more inconvenient than a large cell phone. You only really notice it when you need to sit down. :slight_smile:

And welcome to the forum fellow PRC’ian. 8)

Another vote for thrunite Ti.

If you want to spend more, Peak Eiger QTC is an amazing light, especially on 10440 li-ions.

I just bought the Olight I3s, its a little bit brighter than my maratac but a lot brighter than my wifes itp a3. Ill try this light for a few days and see if its enough for my needs for work.