Single XM-L TR-J18-like

How about this $29.20 @ DX

Nice find! I like it, although as a mod host, not that attractive due to the lack of high output drivers with electronic switch.. (I assume its electronics, and if its mechanical, or rebuilt to mechanical, there is very limited space for a driver circuit.) Also, less surface area due to lack of heatsink fins.

For those who like to keep their lights stock, it might be a very nice option, if the driver is decent that is. :)

What is up with the hole in the hotspot?

“What is up with the hole in the hotspot?”

Need more distance for better spot if It has big reflector :wink:

i gave up buying from them

i like. big light with big head and with a side switch.
this is on my radar for now.

First impressions:

- 1.0A at tailcap (other modes 0.5A, 0.15A, strobe, sos)
- Next mode memory
- Fast, almost unnoticeable PWM
- 540lm (OTF, after 30s)
- 34kcd (= 370m) throw
- Aluminum reflector, dimensions 53x46mm (OD 58mm, lens 58x1.9mm)
- 22mm press fit driver (was not properly seated, causing flickering & higher modes not working - pressing it properly in helped)

=> Looks like a decent mod host.

Here are some photos of the most interesting part of the light:

Thanks for the information the :slight_smile:

The pill looks like having very limited room for driver, might not be able to fit the IOS driver inside.

Do you mind taking pictures of the reflector base?

Thanks _the_! Yeah, what is the depth in the driver area? How's the overall quality?


+1 Wondering about the same, and thanks for sharing first impressions.

BTW, who is going to see how far that stock driver can be pushed?? J)

Thanks for posting those pics - the pill looks rather nice. Hope mine gets here soon.

Overall quality matches the TR-J12. Not great, but totally ok for normal usage.

I'll try to take the requested measurements & photos later today (still busy at work).

About 12.5mm x 21mm + 1.5mm x 22mm => 14mm total

Some bonus pics of the reflector:

the lck led 5a 3 mode driver will fit in there……just an fyi, it can probably be resistor modded for more output if you wish too, the toroid is ’kin huge compared to the 3a version.

edit, dunno about the lectronic switch though lol

What "lectronic switch"? Does that driver use an "lectronic switch"?


No electronic switch…tail clicky.

double dumbass only got as far as poks photo when scrolling back lol.

so yeah, that 5a driver would be great, dedomed xp-g2 on copper or xm-l2 u2 dedomed on copper and its gotta hit at least 200kcd

I have not been able to make it do more than 5,2A best. My testing have been limited though. I went back to stock, 5A. Unless someones makes it do 5,5A+ then Ill consider 5A the limit..

LCK-LED (/intl-outdoor/lightmalls) driver is the default "backup driver" for small pills... Ideally, Id like to use a driver that can do higher current in this light..

good to know, it is just a modded ld-29 at the end of the day, it must have limits. I’d not seen any testing reported though, guess you were keeping it under your hat.

so what 6a drivers do we have available?

Well, I don't write about everything I do. And its not that many weeks since I did it.. Most people does not have much interest for minor details. I have tried to share various small stuff in my flashlight collection thread. But little response/interest/questions.

High current drivers for single XM-L thread.

Btw, I have done beamshots of various throwers and lights, some at 5amps..

Edit: I skipped the word "don't.... First sentence now fixed "I don't write about everything I do" :p