Single XM-L TR-J18-like


Looks like a good host for an overdriven MT-G2.

exactly what i was thinking
nice find

Good price too. Lets see if the wife has a fit……

Does anyone know the reflector size?

Package size cant be right..

Me likey! Ideal MT-G2 host! Great price too!


Tried to contact Chen Chen but he didn’t respond.
Thinking that the ‘’good’’ MT-G2 drivers need 12V.
I have a spare j18 extension tube that might use.

Looks like i bought one.. 0:)

So did _the_ and another one. (Aliexpress have build in stalker mode)

I checked specs on Manafont. 63mm head on the 7 XM-L light. Probably same on this. That should mean reflector size is quite similar to ZY-T13,ZYT08, HD2010 etc... at least in width. I have a feeling driver compartment is decent too. This is quite cheap for light that size..

I have been considering lights like Convoy L2, buts it costs much more and does not have much room for various drivers.

I have considered the NEW 2x26650 from CNQ too, but with shipping its quite expensive, and the reflector is not that wide..

No matter how it turns out, I have a feeling it will be decent or very good value! :) It might even come with a decent driver.

I hope the driver compartment is roomy. I bought one with fingers crossed.

great to hear that a few has purchased this. time for the waiting game

and nice sig. gary bunk. that t shirt rocks haha

Had pretty good luck with Ali, so I gave it a go. I do hope the driver pill is quite large for more driver options… :smiley:

Do post back on this light when it is received (esp. build quality and driver compartment depth & width). I'm holding off until someone provides feedback on it. Does seem like one of the greatest deals for a host in a long time though! Hate to get my hopes up too high.


I just got an Aliexpress $5 giftcard, which I think many people have received.

so if you order 2.. and a few bits and pieces, you could save $5 ;)

just a heads up

Cool! I think the 2nd one should be your 2,000th post giveaway!


Hey Garry good one.. I might have to open a new account, and keep this one at 1999...

just like Lumatic.... at 999

Ah.. I got a great idea.. you know what.. I will do a $5 Aliexpress giftcard giveaway

Does this look like the Same light?

Looks like the very same flashlight, without the shipping cost though.
If DRY driver is fitting without further modification, it would need the extension tube for the third battery, or I am wrong?
DRY is a 12V driver?

That site requires you to email for a shipping quote (so shipping on top of that price). We should do a group buy on this! Could be a fantastic host!

I also believe the DRY driver works fine with 2 cells. I'm thinking you just need more voltage in than you need out (i.e. 2 li-ions for 8.4v can drive a 6v MT-G2).


ugh… that website is weird but they have good prices on most lights.
you could purchase it and then wait for the e-mail confirmation for the shipping quotes.
they need to learn a lot about selling online like eg: fasttech, wallbuys, lightmalls etc.
it’s been almost 2 months now and i’m still didn’t get the shipping quotes for my purchase :Sp

So you tried buying from them? Not going well then?