Sipik SK68 clone $3.99 USD @ Banggood (Sold Out)

Found this deal and thought I’d post it since the one at Tmart expired.

Link to the light at Banggood HERE

Use the code below at checkout to get it for $3.99 USD:

Thanks ezarc. Just snagged 2 blacks and 1 silver.
I keep em around for gifts…can’t beat em for bang for buck.
Wish I had bought more while back on Ebay when they were $2.50 !!!
Maybe we’ll see that again down the road. :slight_smile:

Last item left, black one, cant checkout, gives error, probably out of stock :smiley:

Got my 3 in todays mail. All black and no silver. Oh Well…

All are branded Ultrafire.

ETA: I checked them all out. The Ultrafire is definitely low man on the totem pole as compared to all my other clones of the sk68.

Cons: Bluer & dimmer led. No dome over led. No slotted indents to unscrew pill. Wobbly tail stand. Slight protrusion of lens does not permit solid headstand.

Pro: $3.74 price tag each delivered. Works great. Great lender/gifter for non flashaholics.