Sipik SK98 source

Im looking to but a few more sk98s because it seems like everyone who sees mine wants one and I end up giving them all away. I used to order them from TMart but the last few I ordered were of lesser quality, not trerrible just not as nice as they used to be. I also read that some people were getting unbranded clones from there lately. Does anyone know where I can get some high quality original sipiks? Maybe some high quality clones? Im not fussy about the name brand I just want them to be bright and of good build quality.

Here are fives sources :

Sipik SK 98 at Tmart

Sipik SK98 at GearBest

UltraFire SK 98 at BangGood

UltraFireSK98 at FastTech
Cree SK98 at FastTech

For the two last ones, you have links to lots of reviews and discussions
on the FastTech site

Im a bit leery of the ones from tmart and I dont really need any batteries or chargers. Maybe I will try one of the ultrafires. Has anyone compared it to the sipik?

Now and then, I order this $9.68 UltraFire SH98 from FastTech. Always has a solid pill. Always has next-mode Hi-Lo-Strobe.

Taken apart, cleaned, lubed it makes somebody happy. I’ve not seen an actual Sipik in years, but I imagine this build is similar quality.

Some other cheaper clones claim a solid pill, like this one.

I have the same exact one

20mm driver, (I did build one of the TexasPyro 20mm Nanjg drivers but I broke it somehow, now I have a stock 17mm Nanjg on a 20mm adapter plate) Upgraded to a XM-L2 4C tint on 20mm sinkpad epoxied in the pill, solder braid springs, custom STAR firmware, runs like a champ and is crazy bright

You can try the Zuesray instead (out of stock atm). I don’t have one but based on reviews it seems to be better quality than avarage SK98. XM-L2, solid pill, driven hard.
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They have changed! The one on Tmart and Fasttech are 4.5”. Mine is 3.5”!! I think I got mine off Ebay 2 years ago. I remember they called it a mini cree when I ordered it! I have gone from that when I started walking my Husky to throwers that go .85 Miles to 1.0 Miles!!! :bigsmile:

These walks are on hiking trails not through neighborhoods!!! :smiley: