Six Laser Flashlights Compared (LEP)

On these comparison video’s, what I often do is bring up 2 windows up the same size with the same video so I can pause on the lights I wanted to compare for real world comparison.
What I noticed between the W4 and W30 is yes W4 has a bit tighter beam but W30 has a better or more neutral tint but more lumens making it more useful IMO, yes I know the W30 is the neutral tint version but the cool white I think would match the W4 for throw.
Nice comparison vid Matt :+1:

Great vid :slight_smile:

There’s no denying they project light in a very focused way.

Maybe its the camera but through the scope it looked like the dummy was barely visible because of the light.

The FW1 and the next 2 you just can’t see past the reflected glare then the LED torch comes on and suddenly the illumination on target is at a reasonable level.

Great video VoB :+1: nice real world comparison :nerd_face:

Great job Matt. I own a FW1 so the comparisons were very interesting.

Many thanks.

Nice comparison.

Now off topic….Can someone tell me if this my browser doing this? No offense, but every thread Mr. Bort posts in blows up like this. Issue with the sig line? It’s kinda annoying.

i always want a table of specs too so i can visually compare

for instance what is the cost, size and weight of these lights?
if it is in the vid, i should not have to listen and write it down for myself


If my browser window is wide enough (Firefox - Win10) it looks normal.
If I shrink my window width, I get the same result as you are seeing.
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That section of text has HTML/CSS that overrides the width of the page you are viewing.
That probably happened when he copied the section from another webpage.

The sig has a table with this: <table style=“width: 890px

That absolute width in pixels is likely what’s causing that behavior.

Ok, thanks. Viewing from my Samsung 10+. I tried poking around the settings to see if I could mitigate, but no luck.

My apologies for sidetracking this thread.

no Fenix TK30?

only because
that was my
“gateway drug”
into the LEP universe.

Really good review and info for me—a guy who previously knew absolutely nothing about LEP’s. Thanks.