Size of the Universe


But................. It doesn't have a flashlight in it!Tongue Out

Fun way to show the relationship.

that was pretty cool

i always wondered how big a parsec was -personally i think the universe has to be bigger.

That is pretty cool. Thanks for posting!

"...If life is going to exist in a Universe of this size, then the one thing it cannot afford to have is a sense of proportion."

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (1980) by Douglas Adams


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Cool stuff!

Now I am wondering how to make a light that shines a defined beam 0,000001 parsec ;-)

that's the most intriguing part (to me...after watching)

it really wasn't a 'size of the universe' toy - it was a size of the 'size of the observable universe' toy. Actually, it includes plenty of speculation in addition to the observation...

Since the (most popular) current 'scientific' theory claims that MOST of what lies within those boundaries is 'dark matter' or 'dark energy' then IMHO it is safe to assume we know VERY little of what exists, and...quite possibly...that what is beyond our observation is...?...boundless

oh, and old-lumens, when I first saw 'light year' scale, I was wondering, why didn't they include DEFT, Polarion, and maybe 5mW and 1W laser throw

like.......uh......are we geekier than the guys that made that?!

A light year is unimaginably big. A parsec is three of those.

Too big to think about. Stick with the numbers.

A photon travels (in vacuum) 300,000 (187,000 miles) kilometres in a second.

A parsec is around 56 trillion USA (A US trillion has 12 zeros after the number - a UK trillion has 18) miles. Or three light years.

You're right, it doesn't have a flashlight in it. It has two.

One at 1013.5 and another at 1016.

two for cheapthrills and two for klow

That was interesting and my grade school age offspring really enjoyed it too. Thanks, dthrckt.

Edit- just watched the video link from CheapThrills, that was real good too.

very cool video

Hubble /Sagan

47 billion light years