SK68 clone, says its XM-L Q5

Several places, ebay and amazon and others I’ve seen what looks like a typical SK68 clone listed for use with a 14500 and says it has a Cree XM-L Q5 usually in the title, body of ad sometimes shows it as XM-L T6. What are the chances these are XR-E Q5 and nothing special?

Google using cree “xm-l q5” to see some.

There is no such thing as XM-L Q5. So whatever they put in the lights, its not what is advertised in the headline.

Why don't you just buy the lights from a more trustworthy source then various ebay sellers who cant even get the specs in the headline right. Who knows what emitter they use then..

Because every time I buy a POS from ebay the seller immediately refunds the full price. I don’t doubt you are correct, no such thing as XM-L Q5 emitter, but if its a T6 maybe worth a try.

Description has

Type of LED : CREE XM-L T6 LED.
Package Content : 1 x CREE XM-L Q5 LED Zoomable Flashlight (Battery Not Include).

Sounds like this is a sk68 clone labeled as XR-e Q5 body with a XM-L T6 emitter. Could be interesting with a 14500. Buy it now is $7.89 shipped.

SK68 with XM-L have quite bad throw, but its better at flood than stock. More useful for close up stuff, but generally, less impressive than stock.

De-domed XM-L aint that bad.. Gives you a little bit of both worlds..

De-domed XP-G2 is a but fun, especially with 14500 but then again, not that good at flood.

I have used a bunch of combinations, cant even remember them all. Currently I only have one Sipik SK68, and I am using a WW Nichia 119 in it(92 CRI). Great for close up stuff. If I want throw, I have better lights for that..

If you are able to do emitter swaps, then the best thing is to try to find a Sipik with smooth zoom and a proper pill, not a hollow one. That might be easier said than done since quality on these lights are not consistent at all.

XM-L’s get too hot too fast and you lose the throw but you do get rid of the horrible ring.

XP-G2 is my favorite, not dedomed just regular. No ring, decent flood and it doesn’t get hot as fast the XM-L

I bought 3 of those ultra-AOK’s for $2.50 each and tried all kinds of setups before giving out a couple to friends.

I think they are XR-E Q5 or Q3.
No chances they are XM-L. Nothing special. Just a trick.