SK68 zoom 1xAA - little review and some photos -

Hi P.P., thanks for your nice sharing :wink:

I've got the same lights from Gearbest, the blue camo and the digital sand options. I'm really impressed with both of them, and find them to look even better in person than their photos on the Gearbest site.

I'm comparing against my older genuine SK-68, and this unit's quality appears to be comparable.

The clicky seems like typical SK-68 quality. Okay for now, but no idea how long it will last.

I really like the finish on these lights. It's a glossy paint, but looks much better than I was expecting. It seems like it would be fairly durable compared to the old Manafont camo P60 host I purchased (with its rubbery finish you could pick off with a thumbnail). The emitter is a decent XP-E emitter, which works well in this host. I gifted the blue camo to a friend, and he loves it. It works well from NiMH/Alkaline AA cells, which is perfect for him. I haven't tested with a 14500 yet. Three-mode, high/low/strobe. Threads were dry, but very smooth, and easy enough to lube. The tailcap threads feel even better than on my original SK-68.

At least mine didn't come with the laser radiation warning sticker... :p

Nice options for a non-LiIon user who wants a unique EDC light, and is a camo nut...

Hollow pill or solid pill?

Hollow pill of course.
Teeny little wires, on mine the negative wire came right off the driver when I lifted up the emitter slightly.

The emitter is on one of those boards with the sides cut back — I guess so it can be soldered to the driver first, then shoved through the hole in the pill.
EDIT: that also means very little actual contact with the little shelf it sits on.
Plus on mine the board was a bit warped.
Lottery, lottery …

One odd thing about this emitter — It has a white plastic ring around it, maybe to lift the shiny reflector up a bit.
It looks like the metal ring that’s part of an XRE so I was doubtful about prying it off.

Great pics man! Did not show up at work. Looks pretty sweet that sk68 in those colours!

I like the baked sk68 ....they look good with both tailcap and bezel left black

I think you picked the best looking one

Keltex78 you're right those camo 501b's were horrid someone behind the plant was painting them during their lunch break with a can ..Manafont sold nasty fakes

Some new Pics of the 4 different Camo-types :

Product here—> : Special price $2.99 with coupon ” Q5GB “.

For the price it is a decent light for putting it in the car, garage etc.

Hi, does anybody know if this light really has a neutral white emitter as the description claims? Thanks!

It’s a lottery. The only way to answer the question “does anybody know if this light” is to be holding it in your hand and looking.

And if the person holding it works for the seller, even that won’t help you because — they don’t know what they’re selling.

Current from wich seller I can take sk68 with solid pill?
fasttech claim no more solid pill.
I have try a bunch of them only two in my posses have solid.

True, but I was just wondering if anyone up until now has received one of these camo SK68s with a NW?

Neutral tint or not sb I'd be surprised if these lights now came with Cree leds. For that matter any cheap light I'd buy would not be because I thought it would have Legit Cree leds.

Ah, and how bad are the fake Cree LEDs?

Theres lots of reading here if you haven't seen it. I buy lots of cheap zoomies and the last ten months they have gone down hill in quality in every respect from threads, leds, switches lenses, the lights now are just not the same as they were in the old days. I hope someone can point out a good cheapy.

Only reliable source for the SK68 I know of is RMM, who has from time to time had one with a solid pill.
He knows what he’s selling (or what he’s out of stock of, right now); there’s a “mail me when available” option there.

I’ve never found a reliable (or even repeatable) source for the #3 zoomies.

I’m afraid they became so popular that nobody buys them any more, so they’re getting cheaper, and cheaper, and cheaper …

what it is RMM?
does they are chinese seller that have in sale it with solid pill?

Have all the Gear Best Camo colors, not neutral white, Some kind of blue/white is more accurate.
All the cool kids say they are fake cree’s, don’t know about that for sure.
Can say they look fine for the low money, I’m still happy with whatever the emitter is.

They may look warm with de-dome. I am not aware of anyone de-dooming the LatticeBright fake cree’s as of yet, could be interesting.

RMM is the userid here at this forum.
Put “rmm” or “mtnelectronics” in the Search box (the box labeled “Google Custom”) in upper left corner of any page here to search for that.
His site is
This is the SK68: Search - sk68
On that page click “Notify Me” (for when it comes back available)

Hi thanks yes but I think will be hard that they back on stock.
plus i’m from Europe so shipping tax will be expensive
others alternative?