Skilhunt BL-134 protected high drain 18650 for Noctigon Meteor M43 XP-L ?

Hi, on Banggood ->

this cell is stated with 10A max current output!! Is this probably a nice budget protected cell which enables max output on a M43 with XP-L ?
What do you mean!? …

US$12.48 for one cell isn’t what I call a “budget cell” :stuck_out_tongue:
For $18.65 I get 4 Samsung 26F

That battery is too long, protected cells do not fit in the M43.

Since there is no 10A rated 3400mAh Panasonic cell ( but here many comments could be posted, what if Skilhunt are mistaken...), I suspect that is it the protection circuit that is rated 10A since they say " Three America AO mos-fet," around 3A per MOSFET.

And it won’t enable Max output either, it’s based on a Panasonic ncr18650B, a low discharge cell.