Skilhunt E3A (AAA twisty) - First Look

I got the high CRI version from Amazon. Slate blue is the only color available now but that was my top pick anyhow. It is a little more expensive at $12.90.

Woah! I searched before posting earlier. I didn’t see ANY E3A on Amazon at all. I guess my fingers disobeyed me or my eyes deceived me. Ordered the Slate Blue High CRI. I had an Amazon GC to use up, too. Big thanks for the heads up!

Its also under $14 on eBay

B, not D.

Hmm, don’t recall the color temp.

Get one, or more. Go for the slate bluegray (buk extra, but HA3 vs 2).

I was (still am) seriously impressed with the critter, all the attention to details from the lanyard loop to the pebbled TIR lens.

About to break down and buy this and the m200 as well. Only 1 XPL cw left on Amazon… I’ll swap emitters inevitably so no reason waiting for a 351d version. Really impressed with Skilhunt and honestly don’t know why they don’t get more attention here.

Until recently, their UIs. They’re looking more attractive as a brand with each new light lately.

Great UI in the E3A: twist on, twist off. :laughing:

And yeah, the M200 has a great UI. There was something about the M150 that was kind of a turn-off, but forgot what it was. But the M200 is killer.

M150 had two UI config options. One for hold-for-off and like 7 modes. The other option was click-for-off with 4 modes. The weird thing was it ramped up and back down instead of looping around.

About a month or two ago they updated the M150 UI (making it more like the M200?) but I haven’t messed with the updated UI.

Yeh, it was the up’n’down thing I didn’t like. Think the original SP31 had that, so gifted it away.

Just broke down and bought the nw E3A :person_facepalming:

Will report back in a few days

We need an E21A 2000~4500k 3 modes of this light,since Sofirn stopped develope.

Yes. For a cold rod it may be a really nice host but I don’t care about cold rods - and that’s why I was disappointed.
Actually for a FRP PCB light this has a pretty good thermal path, much better than f.e. DQG Tiny…but I would be wary about putting a 10440 in it.

My sample of LH351B was extremely green. Two layers of –1/4 green until a proper swap is made. Maybe a 219b is in order here…

thanks for share!

does anybody have both e3a high cri and cool white to compare beam shots? and also c01s if possible?

I just purchased the high CRI one. So i assume, it’s using LH351B with 90 CRI ? What’s the difference between LH351D and LH351B high CRI ?

Thank you, the beam shots are helpful. Any plans to test runtime on alkaline batteries? I saw an Eneloop runtime test on zeroair, but can’t find one for alkalines, except on the manufacturer’s site.

I just got the high CRI version from Amazon. This is a nice little light. I’ll be giving it to an elderly relative who needs a key-chain light but can’t figure out multiple modes.

Here is the runtime graph for what appears to be a regular/white Eneloop from ZeroAir. I don’t know if the high CRI version would be noticeably different but “about an hour” is decent for the amount of light this puts out.

Hot damn, that’s even better’n I thought! Nice flat output alllllllll the way ’til exhausted.

Now I gotta go get more? :open_mouth: