[Skilhunt H03 RC] TIR 1200lm with USB charger and stuff [32,33$] - Banggood

Hi lads and guys!

Found amazing deal for one of my favorite flashlights so I want to share it with you. Been hunting for it for quite a long time and that’s a lowest offer I could find. This is actually a third one I’ve bought (one in car, second as EDC, third as a gift for my dad) and deals like this are usually up just for few days as far as I know.

Link: https://www.banggood.com/SKILHUNT-H03-L2-1200LM-TIR-Lens-Hand-free-Headlamp-Headlight-18650-Flashlight-LED-Flashlight-Flood-Light-p-1064443.html?&rmmds=cart_middle_products&p=U3041827400366201812&custlinkid=181779&ID=512357&cur_warehouse=CN

Cree L2 U4, max 1200lm with 2xCR123A. with 18650 it emits about 1000lm

Use code below to lower the price by 25%: CFNKL F7BG

Flashlight was tested here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/50289
By using this link i get some small % from every transaction. I’ve been using skilhunt for few years so if you have any questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Decent deal. I got the non-RC version for $30 a couple of weeks ago.

I’d rather wish the regular version was available for 25-30$ again.

You are not good at looking I guess, because its been at $31 on banggood with another promocode for a while

No. You’re talking about older version of this flashlight. Without magnetic charging.

The RC one were for 39.99$, and before that for 41.59$ by 2019-10-01 at its lowest.

$32 and change for H03 RC, using one of Fin17’s codes:

Yeah they increased the price for $1 today

$32 and change for H03 RC, using one of Fin17’s codes:


pretty good deal

You guys are right. This older code: F7BG is still working.
It was distributed more than 3 months ago for all partners. I don’t know why is not showing on banggood C&D center anymore, but it’s working with my linked offer in first post giving US$31.41 total :smiling_imp: :beer:

Anyway, thanks for your help, I’ve updated first post.

//EDIT Now its showing 32,33$. I need to check it out in some spare time why this is changing when i choose second web browser. Cookies maybe.

$31.41 is for H03.
$32.33 is for H03 RC.


Please remove my exclusive code F7BG from your thread.

Wasn’t that code widely distributed to all banggood partners more than 5 months ago? It’s working with all partners aff links so it’s probably not that exclusive :smiley: Tell me if I’m wrong

You are wrong. They are two different systems, an affiliate gets payed for the orders using his affiliate id (link), no matter which code - or no code - the buyer uses.

Now, if that affiliate made a deal with the store and got an exclusive code and you use his code with your affiliate link, then you ’re stealing him.

Oh wow thats good to know. I thought he was getting comision anyways.

Are u sure about that?

That’s not making any sense for me. If one specific partner gets some special code due to negotiations or past cooperation, then it should work with his aff id only. What would be the point of that scheme in the case that anyone could use it.

After you paste that code in search engine, you will see hundred of pages. It was proposed many time in a past half of a year by many sellers from different countries.