Skilhunt H04-RC: replace front TIR with regular cover?

I think I misunderstood the way the Skilhunt H04-RC’s front lense can be replaced. I thought I can replace the TIR diffusing material with a regular lens cover if I don’t need that kind of even lighting. Now I’m wishing I had a regular version of that light without the TIR diffusion layer (the H04R RC). But I couldn’t find the replacement lens to convert the H04-RC to H04R-RC.

Is it because that’s just not possible? If I really want a H-04R-RC, do I just have to buy it rather than convert to it?

Your H04 uses a TIR. The H04R uses a traditional reflector. The H04F uses a reflector with a movable diffusing cap. It can be a bit confusing.

So you want to replace the TIR with the reflector. I would contact skilhunt to see if they would send you a reflector. I would think the light is the same except for the reflector and glass lens, so maybe it’s a simple swap.

If they can’t send you a reflector, then yes, you would need to buy the H04R to get the reflector. There is no simple cap part to convert one to the other in your case.

I’m trying to do the same thing as river345. The closest I’ve come are these parts linked below, but I don’t know whether they are similar to the H03R/H04R reflector. I believe the size we’re looking for is 16.9 or 17mm diameter, 9.7mm tall, and 5mm emitter opening. If anyone else has more solid information, please chime in.

Why? TIR is the best option for headlamps.

Agreed. And the TIR in the H04RC is a very nice diffused beam.

Namely just out of curiosity and it likely wouldn’t cost much to try out.

It is possible to purchase TIR lenses with different characteristics from Aliexpress ( from Yajiamei Optics ). 17mm TIRs are compatible with Skilhunt. Factory TIR is 30 degrees, beaded.
20, 30, 45 and 60 degree lens are available in both beaded and smooth versions, and also some stripe types ( for bike use ).

As far as I know, no substitute reflectors are available at all.
Try to write to Skilhunt customer service, and ask a quotation for a reflector. If You want also keep the diffuser feature, a H04F pivoting diffuser assembly is also required.

Thanks a lot for the info, I appreciate it. I have all of the 17mm TIR lenses on order from Yajiamei. Right now I’m trying to convince my cousin to buy an H04R, and then swap optics with him :slight_smile: