Skilhunt H04 - UI memory mode regret

I thought the Skilhunt H04’s UI looked fine on paper. Now that I have it, major regret that I purchased it. The memory mode remembers the last setting - even if the last setting was moonlight mode. If you leave it in the low moonlight mode, it gets turned on in moonlight mode with a single click. Very unusable for both myself and family members. I can already access moonlight from off. Wish single click from off goes to one of the medium modes or even high mode - a la Zebralight.

Not sure why I didn’t spot the issue before purchase. Now I really want to return it. I hate being so absolutist about UI’s. I can see usefulness in different UI paradigms, but if you have hold from off to access moonlight, it’s absolutely wrong for click from off to remember moonlight! If you’re wearing the headlamp, you can’t tell it’s in moonlight mode in a lot of situations.

I also do not like mode-memory. I would prefer if one click (from off) went to medium.

I seem to recall that a guy from Skilhunt asked us about UI preferences before … and the answers influenced their decisions.
So maybe we can explain this to him also. It won’t help you unfortunately but maybe it can help other people in the future.

My trouble is I don’t know much about electronics. So, there may be reasons why memory mode is harder to implement if it has to exclude moonlight. But budget lights like Wowtac exclude moonlight from memory mode. So if it’s not that hard, I don’t understand why a flashlight manufacturer would not think to exclude moonlight from memory mode. I went from excited to get a new flashlight to dread that I have to use this thing right away. It’s so bad.

I don’t agree. It will complicate the UI to introduce a new setting ‘the mode I want to start in’. If you want to start somewhere other than moonlight, why do you leave it in moonlight?

I agree some UIs do distinguish to an extent. Another example is Anduril, which starts at the level that was last selected by ramping. That level is not overridden by using the direct access to moon or turbo. That makes sense because if the direct access is temporary - as evidenced by the fact the light is turned off again without ramping - then that temporary level is unwanted as the new turn-on mode. The same could be done with the Skilhunt UI, I guess, without complicating it unduly.

Wait, so you leave your light in the mode that you think you’ll use it in next?! You can tell the future?

Moonlight and Turbo are left out of memory mode because they are accessible from off via shortcuts, and should only come on intentionally.

Actually, pretty much yes with the headlamp. I have the H03 and use it every night for dog walking and unexpected yard jobs, for all of which step 4 out of 8 works well. (I think that’s what Skilhunt calls M1.)

Leaving the directly accessible moon and turbo out of the memory range does make some sense as an alternative UI. In the first post it seemed like you were arguing for a completely separate setting for a preferred mode to which the light always returned on startup.


Great points.

Switch it off on Medium, problem solved

I agree that moonlight shouldn’t be in memory as it has direct access to it from off. If there is no direct access, then it should be no memory mode at all (always start on moon/low) as personal preference.

Other than that, I love the group B ui. I have 3 modes programmed in which is L2,L1 and M1. It’s perfect for my needs with runtime and since I have direct access to turbo, I can blast it out when ever I need to. Best thing about this setting is that if I have give it to someone else, I don’t have to worry about them eating my battery/overheating with the high modes becuz they ain’t there. No, I will not tell them how to access turbo.

Me: “Alexa…… turn on my H04 on Medium”
Alexa: “Turning on Skillhunt H04 ……Click, Click, Click.”

Me: :smiley:

That’s bad to hear, you are bummed about the UI,
I have a feeling they just care about sales, very few care about telling you the details. Reading the manual is sometimes the only way to make sure what you are getting. If they print it without mistakes.

I read a review that stated the memory could be programmed to a set brightness

Transfer Mode A / B:
When headlamp is turned off without lockout, hold press side switch 5 seconds, light will flash 3 times then Mode transfer complete.

That’s if it’s so hard to press long when you turn on in moonlight mode.

Press long? 0,5 segundos

The next coming M150 V2 and the future update UI, will be remove moonlight from single click (the memory modes)

When will that be released?

I’ve been in contact about becoming a distributor in New Zealand but if a new headlamp is coming soon I’ll wait

I hope M150 new version (V2) will be available in two weeks.

Excellent, thank you

I personaly love the simplicity of H04 UI more than I liked Zebralights or some other. A simple click to last used mode, cycle from that and double click to adjust.

Last thing I want or need is to think about flashlight UI while doing other things. It’s a tool, nothing more.