Skilhunt H15 Flashsale at Gearbest


Thanks for the infos about the user interface. Yes that could be a trap.
My intention is to use the H15 as an AA EDC and maybe once a year as a headlamp. I gues I will like the magnet and I will fix a second one on the clip.
It should eat all kind of chemistries and if I don’t like it I use it as an emergency light in the car. With headband and energizer lithiums it is good for twenty years in storage.

Saw that price when doing a general search for Skilhunt, cart price is higher.
Maybe 50% is for email special?
If anyone figures it out please post, hard to pass up at that price!

Yep for an edc it’ is a very decent light, nice output with 14500 and LVWarning, don’t actually know if there is LVP . Strobe modes are hidden, doesn’t happen much that I accidentally disco.

Hmm, still considering one, despite the crappy UI. Wouldn’t mind something abit smaller and lighter.


The specs say the H15 is 56grams, and the H03 is 44g - is that accurate?

Anyone have a pic of the two lights side-by-side?

I don’t know but more heavier feels worthier. :slight_smile:

That small thing should have pretty thick walls. IMHO 3.5mm .

It’s pretty big for a AA / 14500 light:

I guess a new model will come, because the H15 looks like the H02, which is now replaced by the H03.
(The H02 is larger than the H03)

Weights without battery with clip:

H03: 49.0 grams
H15: 60.5 grams (!)
H02: 60.5 grams

You can add 46 grams for a 18650 and (for the H15) 21.0 grams for a 14500.

Perfect application! In a pinch you could feed it a AAA with a conductive spacer.

Does anyone know if the BLF members who post Gearbest sales and info are actual employees of GB or are they promoters?
Maybe that $17.65 price is right but the listing is wrong. I’ll see what I can find out.

edit: sent an error report. only 39 pieces left, if it gets corrected it may be too late. However, as Jerommel pointed out, it may be replaced soon. Introductory price of new version may be close to the closeout price of the old version. Not like I need another light, but this should get me dialed in on AA and I’m done til Christmas. For real. Done til probably Black Friday…

I have a couple AA headlamps / zebralights and always wanted to try an 18650 headlamp …
The H03 nw is a really nice light for the price and the extra modes like the zebras have is really nice to dial in what amount of light you really want. I would pay the extra and get the better user interface,bigger battery /runtime and better tint… otoh …. at 17$ It would be a hard light not buy

While I own the H15 NW and find it useful and handy(handless) :slight_smile:
I just ordered the H03 NW to compare them. The price from GB was about a fin($5) more.

What kind of short tube you use for the middle one? where i can buy it? thanks

Astrolux S1.
Banggood and Elfeland (AliExpress) sell them.

Ah I see, so it’s a AA flashlight with 18650 tube size, maybe short tube from Simon will work too

The middle, short one should be a H03 head with a short tube. The H03 is a 18650.

H03 is available with three different lenses: TIR (the grid), a smoth reflector, and smoth reflector with swifel diffuser (the middle in the picture).

H03 is on the left, the tiny one in the middle is a H03R with short Astrolux S1 tube.
H15 (AA / 14500) is on the right. 18650 or 18350 tube does not fit on the H15 head.

No, Convoy S2+ short tube has different threads, doesn’t fit.
Astrolux S1 fits good, BLF A6 fits also but is loose because it’s 1mm smaller diameter, which will cause problems in time.