Skilhunt H15 Flashsale at Gearbest

Gearbest has the Skilhunt H15 in Cool White on sale for $24.
Its also a Headlamp.


LED change
u.a. Tom E

(Edit: Ups, if I had chosen Euro as currency it would have been 60 cent cheaper.)

Eyed long on that have just ordered.

Thanks a lot for the info! I’m seeeeeriously contemplating… :wink:

Oh man, I really like my H03, I bet I would like the little brother H15 as much or maybe more. Description says it comes with “clip” - is that a pocket clip?

That CW LED would have to go though, headlamps especially need warm (or neutral at teh most) color temps.

yes it’s a pocket clip. I have the nw version and it is one of the most versatile lights I own. It’s quite bright and usable even on NiMH

wow second time at this price.
Just take note of the really annoying UI. You need to long click 2 times (yes TWO) to turn it of. TThat is the reason mine hardly gets used.

A single long press for off, and another long press for red beacon would have made more sense I think…

Yeah indeed and that’s what they did with H03. I believe skilhunt is designing a new AA/14500 headlamp, I hope they learned a thing or 2 from this forum.

Oh wow, that is terrible. I just assumed it was the same as the H03. Guess I shouldn’t assume…

H03 NW is also on sale I see, not as cheap as with the codes floating around but maybe it’s possible to use point to get it even lower.

Well If I get not used to double click for off, can I desolder the red LED?

I you are an expert in soldering you might but it’s a really tiny square led (smd) IIRC. I opened it once and didn’t even bother to try. IDK but even if you get rid of the LED there still might be some current draining away but you’ll have to ask the experts bout that. Getting rid of red LED would also mean you loose the Low Voltage Warning.
An other option is to unscrew the tail cap a bit and screw it back on: light is off. But for that you need to use both hands.
Another negative point about this light is the positioning of the switch. I find it awkward to use when used as headlamp and it’s easy to blind yourself when switching modes.
Also the mode memory and quick access to turbo (double click from “off”) is BS. They only work when in standby/beacon mode. When truly off a click brings you in moonlight double click into next mode.
I don’t have a lot of good things to say about this light. Maybe I should do a review about it and send a link to skilhunt.

Edit: it’s not double click for off, it’s worse you need TWO separate LOOOONG clicks for off.

IDK who all recommended this light but in my eyes they were FOS and just unboxed it without even trying it on for one night. Buying this light made me much more critical to all the reviews here.

The OFF scheme is truly a burden if you’re going to be using this for short duration lighting, but for extended use it seems like a great system.
Camping, caving, working with the power out, and other activities where turning off the light is the last thing on your mind would all benefit from this.
When you’re done with your activity an extra press on the button is hardly going to seem like work, more like you’re done with your tool and it’s time to power down.
Low level beacon mode is a premium feature when there is little or no light.
The top strap seems like overkill, has anyone tried it with a Zebralight strap?

I toggle between modes all the time with my H03, on my bike I use a certain mode on dark roads when a car comes I ramp up then down again. Working on something closeup= low mode need to move something further I go into higher. Just talking to somebody light goes off or into firefly so you don’t blind that person. That blinking red light in my face is annoying as s*. With the H03 my hand is never in front of the lens so I don’t blind myself, not so with H15. That’s the beauty of a well designed headlamp use a mode as low as possible to save battery and just toggle between modes as needed. It shouldn’t be annoying to do that if so that is a fail in my book.
Another negative of the H15 is the weight, it weighs as much (maybe a little less) and is only a hair smaller than the H03. Depending on your activity you might not need the top strap but if you wanne go jogging you will need it.

Thanks for the info and usage experience.
I’ve already got 2 of the wonderful H03s, if this was significantly lighter or smaller it would be compelling, so happy with them I’ve got Skilhunt on the brain! You’ve saved me from disappointment.
Also I tried to switch modes on an imaginary H15 and can see how I’d be missing the side mounted switch of the H03.
Used to love my Zebralight headlamps but it wasn’t hard to miss a click here and there pushing on the end switch one-handed.
Still gonna keep an eye on Skilhunt, they’re moving in the right direction.

Just went to check out the whole line of Skilhunt lights and saw this:

At that price I’d pull the trigger but it looks like it’s an error. :frowning:

I saw the H15 in the lineup at 16euro’s but it was 23euro on the item page

Forget everything I said previously, when the price gets down to $17… I can be bought and my standards are flexible.

Dang, $ 17.65 is cheap!
…but i already got one…
…o, and it’s $22 anyway… (?!)

By the way, you can turn it off and lock out by loosening the tailcap too.

Snap I paid $30 for mine, I thought is was a good deal then, if I buy another at $17.65 then the two average out to $23.83.
I did get the NW

is the pic from gearbest? I can’t put it in the cart for 17.65.