Skilhunt M200


Just received Skilhunt M200 and I think this is a light you may be interested in. I’ll do a review if there’s interest for me to do so. What I need to know is how to embed images.



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What program/website are you using?

My web site is on WIX, I don’t believe I can link to an image. I’ll try here… it worked… thank you for your reply.

I use Flickr to upload pics here but if you have a website it should let you post pics from your website here. I think it depends on the format. Its easier to upload pics to one place then place where ever needed.

I’ve embedded an image from my site. I see it now. I’ll log off and take another look, just to be sure.

Thank you.

My M200 should be here tomorrow. Can’t wait to try it out. Looks like an excellent light. Hopefully you get a review done before mine hits the porch.

You’re going to be happy. I expected a long wait, but I was wrong. I waited one week. It must have shipped from the United States. One thing, the manual is in broken chinglish, it took me a while to figure it out, but once I understood the user interface I was absolutely delighted.The light is bright, there’s a nice center spot with plenty of spill, thanks to the flawless polished reflector. Magnetic charging is freaking fantastic!


I was looking forward to that UI. The way the UI cheat sheet is pictured it looks really flexible. Lots of options without crazy button presses and flashes to keep track of. Probably won’t use the magnetic charging too much but I can see it coming in handy occasionally. I do like the magnetic part of the charging though. Seems a lot easier to keep sealed up than a rubber boot over a mini usb port. I only have 4 other on board charging lights and I have only used that feature a handful of times. I also figured the beam and brightness would be right up there on par with their other lights so I wasn’t worried about that too much. I’m excited.

The flashlight end of the magnetic cable is illuminated. red is charging, blue is charged. I keep this on the nightstand next to me, easy to see with the magnetic charge cable. Press and hold the power button until the flashlight is lit, continue holding until the light goes out. release the power button and the light will be locked out. The switch light will blink every few seconds. Now the power button will be locked out. Push and hold the power button for two seconds and the lock out will be released and the light will function normally. The way they integrated 8 power levels is rea terrific. You’re gonna love this!

The beam is quite bright and throw is pretty good considering the depth of the reflector.

Oh would love a review!!! I wanted to buy so bad but going to try to wait until a code comes along