Skillhunt HS3 headband torch attachment

The rubber stretchy part will go over any clip and still secure it. You just can’t have the clip facing anywhere near the back. The other thing about the original h2r headbands is that they have a very strong magnet in them so if it’s just going to be a quick temporary use you don’t even have to put on the rubber strap. So standing or sitting at a workbench it is absolutely the quickest and easiest attachment out there. Go watch any old review of the light on YouTube and you’ll see the magnet in operation.

Thanks. I bought “Olight Headband H2R” and it works very well for my Convoy H2 headlamp. The top strap makes a huge difference for heavy headlamp like the H2. I believe this is the version II of the band and it still has a fairly strong magnet. Does the original version has even stronger magnet?

I have other heavy headlamp and the Skilhunt HB3 headlamp was on sale for $7 on Aliexpress so I bought one too. And the Convoy headband with top strap. Should be able to use and compare all 3.

Well my Skilhunt HS3 headband arrived this week.

Got to say really pleased with how the torch clip works with the Sofirn HS40 18650 battery light……and I hazard a guess its probably the same with any brand of light this size/style you prefer to have.

What I like about it:

# - very easy to push into the C clip

- has a “Keyway” or rectangular slot in the bottom

  • Benefits are if you have a pocket clip on your flashlight, it simply sits in the slot without any interference to the C lip holding the torch (flashlight). Ive got one of those double reversable clips, so a bit more chunky than the standard and it accommodates it into the slot easily

- C clip is very sturdy meaning the torch wont be falling out easily

- 2 seconds to push it in or pull it out

  • Mucked around with it for the first 1 min or so and once you work out the action needed to push it in, then from there its literally a 1 to 2 second action.

- the headband feels like good quality like most others you would expect to get

  • the headband has a “silicon” strip to assist with gripping to smooth surfaces like a hard hat …or my bald head!!!

In hind sight, now that i know I’m happy with it, should have ordered 2 instead of 1 :slight_smile:
……but better I know Im going to be happy with it than getting yet another 2 headbands that will gather dust.

**Tkx to Funtastic for posting the AliExpress link as it was less than 1/2 price than going directly to Skilhunt…registering as a first time user

I bought both Olight and Skilhunt from this thread’s rec, plus a Convoy overhead, and try them with my different headlamps. I like all 3, but they are very different from each other:
Olight headband has a hard plastic backing with a groove, and then a rubber strap that you pull over to hold the headlamp. Should fit headlamps of various sizes. I bought mine off ebay here
Skilhunt headband has a clip, protrudes from a hard plastic backing. It’s made for the smaller Skilhunt headlamp (?), and hence is a little tight for Convoy H2. Best price on Aliexpress here.
Convoy has two soft rubber rings (Skilhunt has another band of similar design called HB2). The backing is soft rubber. On Aliexpress here

All 3 are excellent functionally. Skilhunt and Olight subjectively have the look and feel of an expensive strap. My Convoy H2 Headlamp is too big and hence doesn’t rotate easily in Skilhunt (not Skilhunt’s fault, it’s not made for Convoy H2). Stability are excellent in all 3. Convoy is the least expensive by far (two for 6 bucks!), but one thing that’s odd about the Convoy is the horizontal elastic strap seems to be on the small size (mine is set at max size and I’m not a big person). If you wear your headlamp for a long duration, it seems like the soft rubber of Convoy might be more comfortable. This is an on-going evaluation so please don’t be surprised if my opinions change.

Was thinking of getting the Olight Headband II but see they are hard to find.
I wonder if they discontinued the attachment style due to band breakages or not secure enough??
Wait for your feedback/review :slight_smile:

The link in this thread also makes it about $25aud so I’II hang back

It’s only $20.65 nzd incl 15% gst. Should be less in aud and 10% gst

I’ve just had mine for a few days so don’t know whether it would break with repeated use, but it looks very thick and sturdy. I leave the light in the headband permanently so probably not a good guinea pig :slight_smile: . Except for the relatively higher cost, nothing but praise for it. Very comfortable, very well made. The rubber strap means it should fit multiple light diameters. Here’s where I got mine OLIGHT Original Hands- Head lamp Replacement Strap Fit Perun/H2R Flashlight for sale online | eBay .

Skilhunt headband with the clip is probably better if you take light on and off all the time (which I don’t do). But it seems like a bigger diameter light like my Convoy H2 with Nichia 219b is too big for it. I have a Skilhunt headlamp with Nichia 519a 4500k :+1: :heart_eyes: coming - that should be a fantastic fit.