Skillhunt HS3 headband torch attachment

I’ve a couple of headbands for 18650 headlight torches. They are a solid headband/torch attachment by I struggle with the typical rubber mounting rings they all seem to have.

My use case isn’t a permeant headband and I would like to quickly mount and remove when required (a few seconds) and keep the clip attached. - walking, working in the workshop, camping.

I’ve just come across the Skillhunt HS3 headband
These look perfect to fit my use case

BUT requires you to buy the entire headband unit. I’m looking for something similar where I can just purchase just the plastic holder that I can then replace several of my existing holders using my existing elastic. Does anyone know of a manufacture that sells something similar?

The olight headband made for the h2r will take just about any 18650 headlight with the clip still in place. (Tube type right angle). It’s a big wide pretty comfortable setup. I would say it’s the best one out there. I don’t know if it’s discontinued but you can still find them in various places.

Thanks, I'm wanting the clip piece to hold the light.

The H2R appears to be a torch model when I google.

Yeah I know what you want. You can’t always get what you want. I don’t think you’re going to find just that skillhunt plastic piece or equivalent. Search for, olight headband h2r

Here’s an idea for infrequent use. Go to The Big box store in the plumbing section and get a foot or so of what’s called clear PVC reinforced tubing. 3/4 ID is about 1 inch OD. Cut one piece long enough to comfortably go through the two rubber bands on your current holder. Cut another much smaller piece that looks similar to the skillhunt clamping thing. Drill a hole through both of them and mount the little piece on top of the bottom piece that’s in the rubber bands. Use a very small panhead bolt and nut to connect them. Maybe even a plastic bolt and nut. 1/4 inch? I just did a test fit of that size in a rubber band type mount and it works pretty damn good size wise although the piece of tubing I had is slotted so I actually let it overlap and get slightly smaller in the rubber bands but it’s pretty secure in there. The stuff is somewhat flexible, rubbery in feel but will grip a headlight pretty damn secure. With a foot or two of it you can experiment with different sizes on the small top piece. And obviously you’ll have to convert all the sizes to your down under measurements.

You can’t buy the bracket separately, but it’s so decent. There’s a cut out so you can keep the clip installed, which is very handy. The HB3 has a place to attach a thick oring to keep it more secure or hold smaller lights more tightly. I mention this headband on so many headlamp reviews .

Tkx Oli for the detailed DIY option. Good idea on using the poly pipe. I’ve got Blueline which is thick and maybe ideal. I’II keep your suggestion in the back pocket as I’ve too many other projects on the go ATM :slight_smile:

Funtastic, yep best I’ve seen. Might have to bite the bullet and order 1 to try it out….or 2 as the postage is the same and only $12 extra for a total of $38. Just hate having to waste the other new good quality headbands that came with the Sofirn HS40’s

$31.55 on AliExpress for 2pcs incl GST.

Thanks for the rec. I found one on ebay OLIGHT Original Hands- Head lamp Replacement Strap Fit Perun/H2R Flashlight for sale online | eBay.

I have Convoy H2 with Nichia 219b 4500k headlamp that comes with a headband, but the headband doesn’t have overhead “strap” and hence not strong enough for the weight. Hope this one will fit and be more comfortable. It looks very well made and sturdy.

Convoy sell an upgraded headband as well though

pretty cool

Thank you. You mean this at 1/3 the cost Page Not Found -

Lol - the things I don’t know or don’t remember. :person_facepalming: :slight_smile: Maybe I will order one for my other H2 with 291b 3500k and compare. Olight maybe slightly better with the strap vs 2-loop insertion, but not sure.

The Olight H2R looks good however any clip on the torch will interfere with it.

I’II order the Skilhunt HS3 as it has a gap behind the headband “clip and go” to accommodate the clip on the torch without interference or requiring the user to remove the torch clip every time (see 3rd photo in the link below).

For me, this design ticks all the box’s….easy universal design to to clip in and remove in a split second without any fuss and without having to remove the torch clip.

Thanks for the link Funtastic…but that’s to the design with the loops that I’ve already got and want to get rid of!! :smiley: the correct link is Skilhunt HS3 Headband

Ah, I linked the wrong one…oops.

Hold on, I just had a quick look at the HS40 and the vertical lines in the knurling may stop it rotating in the holder. The Convoy H2 is similar and that bracket falls into that space preventing the light from rotating. Unfortunately, I don’t have that model to know whether the groove is as deep as the H2

tkx, I’II order 1 rather than 2 to try it out.

At $15 cant go too wrong. My guess is you will get some turn before it potentially hits the groove. Only one way to find out.
I’II post back in a month after I’ve received it.

You know what annoys me, putting S instead of B HBBBBB3 LOL

Oh I see. I don’t have clip on mine.

I was tempted to get the Skilhunt but wasn’t sure it is big enough for my Convoy H2. Skilhunt’s H04 body seems to be 21.6 mm whereas Convoy H2 spec seems to be 24.5mm.

I’ve used it with the Brinyte HL18 at 26mm and it was perfect.

Could you please confirm, by “it” you meant it’s Skilhunt HB3 (lol NOT HS3 - I’m a little confused between these 2!) that fits Brinyte at 26 mm? Another question: light doesn’t pop out of HS3 easily?
You seem to like it so much my trigger finger is itchy. :slight_smile:

Yes, the HB3 bracket fits the Brinyte HL18, Sofirn SP40, Cyansky HS5R, Wurkkos HD15, Armytek C2 Pro Nichia. Anything on the smaller side you use a thick oring, it has a placement for it just like the Armytek models.