Sky Ray King from Tmart

As most of us here know of this light and reviews have been written…however one thing is, depending on where you buy yours from, the quality of the light can greatly vary. This review is for the Sky Ray King from Tmart.

Sky Ray KING 3 x XML-T6
Estimated output is 1,800 - 2,200 Lumens
Uses 4 x 18650 batteries
2 Modes + 1 hidden mode (Strobe)

About the size of a Soda Can

LED’s are aligned properly

I modified this light to be able to use a single 26650 battery.

Driver Shot

Massive HeatSink

1.) Shockingly Bright
2.) Unique size/shape
3.) Good run time at about 1.5 hours on high and 15+ hours on low
4.) Very good machine work
5.) Very good anodizing
6.) Good Threads
7.) Great Heat Management
8.) Durable
9.) Can Tail stand
10.) good quality switch
11.) Can lockout

1.) Parasitic driver. (Even when off, there is a battery drain of about 1.3 mA, which isn’t a big deal considering battery capacity)
2.) No mode memory (Not a big deal)
3.) Doesn’t really fit in a pocket to well.
4.) Requires very high quality batteries because of the current draw.

I have had the privilege to test out this light for the past few months. It has been through rough handling…drops, rain, and snow and it never skipped a beat. I would highly recommend this light to anyone who is looking for a bright light that has a great run time. Any questions on this light, please feel free to ask.

Link to the Light

So I see you cut out the dividers in the carrier so You can slip the 26650 in the center, Can you still use 4-18650’s and should you worry that the insulation around the 26650 could wear out against the modified dividers?
I like TMart US warehouse, I can get my stuff fast.

The shipping was very fast!

I can still use the 4 18650 batteries in it. As for the insulation…I haven’t had any issues with that. Just need to be careful when putting the battery in.

That’s the first SRK that i seen with a “polished” bezel. did it come that way from Tmart ?

Yes it did

Just pull the bottom off, get some sand paper or a hobby file and debur the lip and there won’t be an issue with the wrapper on the battery getting tore up

pretty cool mod, perhaps someone could whip up a bottom plate from OSHPark that has a pad for a center spring for you :wink:

I could be wrong but it appears that the way the LED mounting plate attaches to the reflector assembly and they just lift out together that there appears to be minimal contact between the plate and the flashlight body. Isn’t that a thermal disaster for a high output LED light? From the photo it looks like it. IIRC there was another thread from a light modder about wanting to return a batch of similar construction SRKs due to their no cooling path internal construction. Richard at Mountain Electronics has mentioned similar difficulties with received lots of SRK lights/clones and having to return them.

I see threads.
seems to screw in place then.

It definitely screws into place.

Nice review and pics. Thank you.

Nice trick with the paperclip, but I bet it's getting a workout moving all the current.

Aluminum is a very good conductor…however, I bet your right. Hasn’t caused me any issues though.
Actually…I bet the paper clip is steel…Either way, no issues