Sky Ray S-R5 mod with 4 x XPG led and individual regulated with selfmade 7135 powerpacks ( picture heavy )

Here is my newest mod:

A Sky Ray flashlight with 4 x XPG leds and individual regulated with selvemade 7135 powerpacks!

CREE XP 4x lens 15° (°-LT-1853_106_115.html )

4 × 1,4 Amp max.

Driver base from Kaidomain with custom made modes. ( Perfect service from kai, thanks again! )

AW IMR 18650 battery.

flashlight host from:…

If you are more interested in the powerpacks, here a link to my first mod with them:

Now here the pictures from the build:

7135 IC glued with arctic siver and then soldered to a copper plate

Very tiny work, it is a 17mm driver!

Cool! Does it work? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes it works fine! Very difficult to solder the tiny IC, but it works!

Very nice, Daysoft!! Can you give us more detail about your driver along with some beamshots perhaps? :bigsmile:

I once soldered a couple of those 7135 they are a MAJOR pain in the rear to do, Swore I would never do it again, Get some beamshots!

Hello, i try to make some beamshots tomorrow! It is now time to go to bed :slight_smile:

I have to say that is some pretty kick ass micro soldering! I never thought about creating isolated “power packs” to drive each individual LED - great idea! Instead I just sandwiched 3 boards together (1 master, 2 slave) to power 3 LEDs (granted to run an XM-L having 8 x 7135 stacks would probably take up more room).

VERY nice work!

Impressive .

This looks awesome - I like the Lumens Factory Seraph design (the Skyray is a clone of it) and now it has a lot of light :slight_smile:


I just double stacked a 7135 chip in an illumination supply driver to make it a 9x7135… ITS NOT EASY!!!

Very nice, I am going to steal your idea and make quad Nichia 219 light.

If you don’t mind sharing, were did you get the optic?°-LT-1853_106_115.html

and in english°-LT-1853_106_115.html


Some of you guys out there blow me away with some of the mods you do and this one, what do I say. The electronic side of it makes fascinating viewing but I havent got a clue what any of it means, stacking things and other, stuff. Love it.


I've had trouble stacking 7135's and getting the light not to flicker, described in post #51 of this thread. I tried making a "linger special" with 2 XML's soldered in parallel onto the same PCB and driving with a 12 x 7153 chips. It was pulling ~ 4.2A (2.1A per LED), but the problem was I was getting flickering issues on all modes (high, med, low). I checked all connections and everything seemed to be visually ok, but it's hard to tell with the micro soldering. I was running with 1 x 18650, but also tried 4 x NiMh C cells. Less flickering on the C's, but was still not perfect.

The suggestion was made that I might not be getting good electrical connection at either the AMC 7135 stack solder joints, or where the 2 x XMLs were reflowed. No flickering issues with an unmodified 2.8A board, but output was not impressive.

If I could solve the flickering issue, I would be very happy.

Im slowly assembling the various parts . Hopefully it looks as good as the Skyray drop-in…Nice Job!!!

Here’s a link to Cutter - You can pick up the LED bread board and optics here

Hill - You have a problem with a soldering connection or one of the driver components. If the output
is very low you may want to re-solder the drive and leads and recheck all the components.

Thanks Darkside.

Output seems to be fine on all modes except for intermittent flickering. Aside from starting again with a new board and loose AMC 7135 chips, I don’t know what else to do here. Maybe a need a better iron with a very fine solder tip.

the LED is operating at low voltage and its intermittent.And its well insulated from the pill and reflector
Whats the power source? Looks like your using silicone wire….Just to amuse myself here …Its electrical
solder your using? Should have some flux and preferably high silver content? If its thick enough to write with……Hmmm…